We can do nothing if we do not remain in Jesus

Hello everyone! Today we had Harvest Festival and Back to Church Sunday and it was a service to remember! It was a family service. We brought harvest gifts for the homeless hostel and the drop in centre next to our chapel. Our minister was leading worship and asked for the children to volunteer. Of course they were eager to come out and especially when they were divided into two groups and given a challenge to see who could put up the tent the quickest; people in the congregation were encouraged to help. With the expert help of a lady on our side of the church our team were the first to sit down in the erected tent! He then talked to the children sitting in their erected tents about how the harvest and tents were connected in Leviticus and Exodus; apparently at the time of harvest they stayed in tents to remind themselves of their past experiences and how God’s grace had been sufficient for their needs then. They then were to celebrate harvest in thanksgiving for God’s provision. Tim, our minister gave the children a tent peg each to remind them of God’s provision for them. He set the children a challenge to see how attentive they were to the verses he quoted; he sent them to the back row of the church and when they heard that verse they had to see which team was the fastest. They proved to be equal to the task and made the context a draw in the end. It had certainly made them listen!

Our deacon David was ill so Tim a trainee deacon took his part in the service. He led the opening prayers and prayers of intercession provided by the Methodist Development and Relief Fund. A power point presentation showed pictures and the words for the opening prayers and the intercessions. I found that quite powerful especially this verse that was regularly repeated from John 15v5: ‘Those who remain in me, and I in them, will bear much fruit; for you can do nothing without me.’ That reminded us all of how we can do nothing on our own but only as we remain in Jesus; we can do nothing in our own strength. May we indeed remember how much we need Jesus each day as our companion and helper, so we can share his love with a needy world? This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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