Health improvement and Family relaxation

Hello everyone! I had a good week at work last week and good news regarding my eye. The clotting blood test was normal and most of the other blood tests were normal except for low sodium of 125 and low neutrophil count of 1.59. My blood pressure was back to normal which was good. I will have repeat blood tests in 6 weeks. I am relieved that my eye, though still looking quite black, is returning to normal.
I felt rather washed out and achy rather like flu on Wednesday; we even went out to our favourite Café, Café Culture for a drink and cake; I ordered a flapjack that I love but I could not eat much, as I did not feel hungry! I have also been more tired recently, sleeping in more easily, but I do manage to get up for work with no trouble! I think I had caught the same bug the secretary had at work; my beloved was also off colour for a few days too.

We have had another bumper year of apples so I am busy baking and making small apple and blackberry crumbles to sell in aid of church funds. I took some apple and blackberry sponges to the local coffee morning to help raise money for our former chapel now a community centre in development bought and run by our local play group. It was good to see my friends there. On Saturday afternoon it was very wet and squally and as we both felt still tired, we relaxed and enjoyed watching and recording two of our favourite films, the musical; ‘The Gay Divorce’ and ‘The Importance of being Earnest’; we laughed and had a wonderful afternoon of entertainment. We then listened to examples of Singer/Songwriters from BBC4 and then a workshop from 2004 of 3 Singer/Songwriters, which were excellent. We then watched a ‘Miss Marple, Nemesis’ on ITV3, which we had seen before, but had forgotten most of the plot, so we enjoyed it. The culmination of our viewing was ‘Merlin’ again on the BBC1; we have a wonderful treasure in the television free view programs. Our licence fee is so valuable a resource. It is such a pity that the Government have insisted that it be frozen for 6 years; why? Is it only the rich who can have the money to have a variety of programs, the rest of us have to have what the Government thinks we are worth, I think?

Worship was led by Rev Tim Hurren, one of the ministers from St Peter’s Church. He preached on our call as Christians and as a Church to our local community especially at this time of cuts, fear and gloom continually being broadcast on the Media and by members of the Coalition. He told us to ‘Listen to Christ and the community, Love those around us as Jesus did and Live for those in our community as Jesus did.’ We are called to serve those around us as Jesus did, so we can be changed gradually with our Lord’s help into his likeness. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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