We got fooled again!

Hello everyone! I have been busy at work again, but I have been feeling better in myself. The eye is getting slowly back to normal. On Wednesday I was up in good time to go to the dentist to see if I could finally have a crown fitted, but as my tooth was still sensitive and the filling had been close to the root, she advised me to leave it for 6 months and decide then. As I had paid in advance I have had a refund of most of it, having only had a filling.

My former colleague from work, Christine, came with her grandson Isaac to join me at Café Culture for lunch. Isaac was very sleepy after being at playgroup that morning and at first was reluctant to leave his pushchair. Gradually he became more confident and was able to come out of his pushchair to eat his sandwiches. We had a good chat, although we had to pay attention to 3 year old Isaac’s needs! He would only venture from his seat if his Nanny came with him!! When we returned to our house, I had to get Malcolm to come out to meet him, as Isaac suddenly became extremely shy and refused to come in. He was completely different in behaviour from Joseph, Cathy’s late best friend’s little boy, who will be 2 in November. Joseph always enjoys exploring our home and never needs anyone to accompany him away from the table; in fact we have to keep following him if he goes out of sight!

I went for an ECG and as I have not heard I assume it is normal. Unfortunately my blood pressure had gone up again, so the nurse has asked me to go on a waiting list for a blood pressure monitor; maybe I have white coat blood pressure on my visits to the doctor! I expect it would be better to have a 24 hour monitor, but I would apparently have to be referred to the hospital! The senior partner at the practice I go to advised me to stop worrying and my blood pressure would come down, but that is easier said than done!!

Yesterday I collected more fallen apples and made some more apple and blackberry crumbles and sponges in the afternoon. I also tidied up the garden a bit with my beloved. We then relaxed and watched Merlin, gripping as usual, so my apple sponges were rather well done!! We have also been enjoying listening to a couple of new CDs; Ry Cooder – ‘Pull up some dust and sit down’ and Coope Boyes & Simpson – ‘as if …’. Both these CDs contain protest songs which express feelings I share too!

My favourite is ‘No Banker Left Behind’ by Ry Cooder; it says everything I would like to say; I particularly the last verse;
‘I hear the whistle blowing it plays a happy tune
The conductor’s calling all aboard we’ll be leaving soon
Champagne and shrimp cocktails and that’s not all you’ll find
There’s billion dollar bonus and no banker left behind

No banker no banker no banker could I find
When the train pulled out next morning no banker was left behind.’

The favourite song I first heard on the radio and then had to buy the CD ‘As if…’ is ‘We got fooled again’. My favourite verses are the last two:
‘In the name of profit, markets rise and fall
When they’re up you get a pittance, when they’re down s…d all
You’re laid off and right-sized, left out in the rain
But the boss got a bonus, we got fooled again.

It’s all made in China we don’t even make a fuss
No such thing as a free lunch, we got fooled again
We believed in the joker’s lunch, we got fooled again
KO’d by a sucker punch, we got fooled again.

And the chorus:
We got fooled again, nobody gives a cuss
No jobs, no factories, we don’t even make a fuss
Dignity and caring or simple profit and gain
I think you know the answer, we got fooled again.

Those lyrics say it all better than I can!

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