A week of ups and downs

Hello everyone! I have had a mixed week of emotions. I managed to do a 24 hour BP check courtesy of work, as the practice I attend does not have one. The first one I attempted was not very successful as only a few blood pressure readings were recorded, so last week the nurse gave me a second chance to see if more blood pressure readings were taken. The first 24 hour BP recording did show that the readings were normal. The second recording was more successful and still overall normal and I took the two recorded results to my doctor’s for the nurse to process. I was originally on a waiting list for a weekly monitoring of BP, but it took a long time before a machine was available and as I had the use of a 24 hour BP recorder at work, I let someone else on the waiting list have it. I must have ‘white coat’ high blood pressure as it is often high when it is taken at the doctor’s and it was high at my work too, when one of the nurses took it; again the ‘white coat’ affect!! I have an appointment to review the recordings with a nurse at my doctor’s on Friday; it will be interesting to get her feedback.

I began to catch up on coding at work which is good. We had a practice meeting which always takes a long time unfortunately! We said goodbye to one of the GP partners as she starts on maternity leave and prepares to sell her house and move with her husband, who is starting as a consultant in Liverpool. She will be leaving us properly in January. She was not happy to be moving from Yorkshire to Liverpool, but she is looking for a property in Cheshire; it is never an easy time to move house, but being pregnant and having a 3 year old will make it even more daunting! We shall miss her as will the patients who loved her; she started at my work just after I did in 2006; time does fly.

I had a busy day on Wednesday my day off as I was planned to take a service at our local MHA home, Berwick Grange that morning. I was all prepared but arrived with the wrong service, last Sunday’s instead of the one for the home!! However I knew which hymns I had decided on and the outline of my talk; I then did extempore prayers apart from the Lord’s Prayer and fortunately it seemed to flow alright. I must admit that I felt really uplifted as I prayed and certainly I was able to move more freely as I did my talk as I had no notes; that kept the elderly residents, many who live in their own worlds more attentive.

At teatime I heard the news that my sister Margaret had passed away after a slow deterioration over the last 3 years after the brain tumour which threatened her life 36 years ago; then she was given 3 months to live! She had a much fuller life than we could have imagined, travelling, playing chess in competitions, coaching and meeting up with friends; up till her 70th birthday she coped on her own, when she soon needed to be supported in a home. We had a special birthday with her and we have the last picture taken then of the original 6 brothers and sisters; it still has pride of place in our back room. It is like the end of an era for our family. I feel a sense of loss now she has died, but for her it is release from increasing blindness and deafness and inability to stand or walk. I am glad she is at peace. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to A week of ups and downs

  1. So sorry to hear about your sister. We remember meeting her at your wedding. As you say, though, it is probably quite a blessing in the circumstances. We will be praying for her as well as both of you. The Vixen xxx

    • helenbeech says:

      Thanks for your comments. She is out of her suffering now, as she was immobile, almost blind and her hearing was poor. Touch was the best way to communicate with her. She could hardly see her food on the plate and could only eat mostly with her hands as her coordination made it difficult to handle a fork. She is at peace now.


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