A quick update

Hello everyone! I am sorry that there has been quite a long gap between postings, but I have felt much more tired since Margaret died. I had little energy for the week after the funeral. I found it difficult to get going on anything, even a service I had been preparing. I was shocked by my bereavement reaction to Margaret’s death, maybe exaggerated by my beloved not being there to hold me; to me in some ways my reaction seems strange; after all Margaret has been released from an increasingly restricted life and so I should feel relieved. I am feeling better than I was but I still seem to be behind with posting Christmas cards and sorting out presents. Everything is heaped around me and I am losing things, notably a new address of a correspondent of my beloved!!

I have had a busy week at work and arrived home very late last Monday, as the bypass was closed, so I had to join a queue which added more than half an hour to my journey. I tried to call my beloved to tell him, but I could not hear him nor did he realise it was me trying to communicate with him, so he was frantic by the time I arrived home!! I must learn to set up the Blue tooth phone in my car so I can use it legally to call my beloved to let him know of unavoidable delays, should they occur!

We had a enjoyable Labour Party meeting last Tuesday evening even after a day’s work; it was great because my beloved was able to come and he found it stimulating to be a part of it. He has missed social interaction since he succumbed to ME; he used to be the life and soul of parties, always at art exhibitions and enjoying evenings of Jazz too. At least he has been able to attend some of the local Labour Party meetings, the last two anyway, which is a great improvement.

On Wednesday we had a lovely relaxing time with my sister Janet and her lovely husband Graham. It was a treat to have steak and kidney pie with vegetables too. We had some great conversations and much laughter too. I was amazed that my beloved coped with two evenings running out; he did not only cope but it helped him feel better, as he was stimulated by the conversations and the company. Being with my beloved increased my confidence too and made the occasions more enjoyable for me. During the day I was busy baking for our Christmas coffee morning at church yesterday and finishing my talks for this morning’s service. I made a couple of apple cakes, and began to make some caramel shortbread, which I finished on Friday morning. On Friday I also made four small apple crumbles for the sale.

Friday was the last session of the computer course, where I help students at the Acorn Centre, so I took an apple cake in and some of the Coop’s delicious Fairtrade brownies and flapjack for students to enjoy. I like to do that at the beginning and the end of the computer terms to encourage the students after their hard work. My beloved and I enjoyed a lovely evening of viewing on TV, BBC 2 and 1, whilst having to record the Amish program from Channel 4. It is amazing how many good programs come on at the same time! We found the Amish program brilliant when we watched it yesterday; the Amish couple were delightful and the young people seemed very encouraged by their visit for the most part. I look forward to the next episode. My beloved and I loved the previous series when the Amish youngsters visited communities in the UK, as those youngsters were lovely too.

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5 Responses to A quick update

  1. Maybe part of the reason Margaret’s death has hit you so hard, is that she is the first of your siblings to die. You expect your parents to die before you. It is a shock & a great loss when it happens. But a brother or sister is something else. It reminds you of your own mortality in a way your parents’ deaths do not. I know Maragaret was quite a bit older than you, & she was in a bad state of health by the end, but that doesn’t stop the shock or the loss. I still miss my brother & he died over ten years ago. Be kind on yourself. We’ll be praying for you. The Vixen xx

    • helenbeech says:

      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I am sure you are right as it is the end of an era now ‘the original 6 of us’ are no longer complete! I am gradually feeling better as I recognise that she is out of her suffering and at peace. It also helped to get home and to have Malcolm’s comforting arms around me. Being away from him made the service more of an ordeal.

  2. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    ‘behind with posting Christmas cards’ !! I don’t even think about writing cards till well into December. Lovely to hear about the steak and kidney pie – is there anything nicer?

    • helenbeech says:

      I have just decided to comment on your comment from last November; I must admit I tend to send cards nearer to Christmas, but I like to think about the news letter earlier, so I am not so rushed.

  3. helenbeech says:

    It was a real treat to have the steak and kidney! I have posted a present to Esther, as I always feel her isolation in America. We still have letters and cards to send abroad too.

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