A Busy Life but enjoyable Life as usual

Hello everyone!  Life has been full last week, very busy at work and I was also preaching last night and only finished the service on Saturday afternoon!!  Then yesterday evening I was composing the Christmas letter as my beloved has not felt up to it recently.  We have not sent many cards or letters yet!  I am still getting and expecting delivery of gifts from Charity catalogues for Christmas, as I prefer to support good causes, when I get presents for others.  We have received presents for ourselves from family sources and I have got those ready, but I am making slow progress!  The only thing I miss about teaching are the longer Christmas holidays, but I will have a full week off from December 21st till 28th, which is better than last year.  I am glad I have some time before Christmas and a little after Christmas, as I will only be working on the Thursday in Christmas week!! 


It was lovely to see Cathy last Wednesday and we enjoyed lunch out at Café Culture with her; She and I were both busy wrapping presents to deliver to my elder sister Janet, for her and family and to deliver to others.  I then dropped her in town for appointments whilst I shopped at Waitrose before having my hair done; and we then met up to visit Janet and Graham and deliver presents.  It was the first time Cathy had met Graham and just like all of us, she thinks he is delightful and so funny; she loved his comments!!  Cathy has such a busy schedule of catching up with friends and shopping in her breaks and often she needs a few days to rest and recuperate; sometimes she is totally wiped out.  Last time she could only see us for a short time, as she did not feel well enough to do anything but rest.


On Saturday I had my lovely treat of a massage, which is so relaxing; I nearly go to sleep.  It always has a good effect on me.  I then had a lovely relaxing afternoon with my beloved, watching ‘A Damsel in Distress’ with Fred Astaire and ‘Stage Door’ with Katherine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers.  Our evening viewing began with Merlin, which we getting quite addicted to, before we watched and loved Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.  It was great to relax and enjoy the films with my beloved.


Our minister Trevor led a challenging service for us on Sunday, which reminded us of how Jesus served those around him and how we are to care actively for those in need around us.  Apparently an appeal for sleeping bags for the Homeless project was overwhelmingly supported to such an extent that the surplus was sent to other centres for the homeless; their need for financial support has had a slower response; they provide a place in our former caretaker’s house for the vulnerable to sleep over; food and advice and help are also provided.  There is so much need in our town, although it appears to be such a wealthy town. 


I led the evening service at Killinghall Chapel where we were challenged to prepare for Advent and be ready to meet Christ each day; we are called to live as Jesus did, sharing his love with those in need, or distress; remembering that Jesus accepts us as we are and draws us to his accepting love.  As he loves us we learn to love and accept ourselves and love others in the same way. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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