It was a relaxing family time over Christmas

Hello everyone! I enjoyed having a week off over Christmas, only going into work last Thursday, when I typed some letters. I felt tired over Christmas so it was good to rest with my beloved. Beth came on Christmas Eve until Boxing Day afternoon after a 6 day week without a break, rather exhausted she could not manage to stay up for the Midnight service, so we were relieved that she went to bed. I did not go to the Midnight either, as I was shattered and collapsed into bed in reasonable time. I had decided the previous week not to go on Christmas Day, as there is always a lot to do on the day, when there is a meal with all the trimmings to prepare, and my beloved finds that stressful, as everything needs to be ready at the same time. Beth managed to go to her service on Christmas morning and met her cousin Marie and her husband Jon and their two children, Annabel and Rory; she was pleased to meet Rory for the first time.

We took our time opening the presents, in fact finished opening them on Boxing Day. It was lovely to relax together with Beth before she had to return to work for another 6 days! They are certainly worked hard in the supermarkets especially at this time of year. I was really shattered so I was glad I was off most of the week. I was glad to have a good amount of time off with my beloved.

We have enjoyed seeing many favourite films over the Christmas and New Year period, notably Dickens’ David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, Great Expections and a Tale of Two Cities. We have enjoyed seeing cartoons too. Today we enjoyed ‘Bolt’ which I found very amusing.

My poor beloved has had a bad time recently with excruciating pain afflicting him especially in the late afternoon, which only finally settles down after painkillers have set in, and or the splints he has put on do their magic work. I feel most sorry for him when he is awake most of the night and then dozes exhausted in the afternoon, after getting up late; sleep only comes late morning. However he visibly relaxes as the pain eases and he can then enjoy the day better.

I am so fortunate with my family. It was lovely sharing Christmas with Beth and I am looking forward to seeing Cathy tomorrow to celebrate the New Year. Ken her partner will join us in the evening. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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