A week of ups and downs especially for my beloved

Hello everyone! Work as usual was busy, although I have been able to do some of the backlog of coding and one or two summaries, as I have to do scanning too, because the only other person who does scanning, only does it on a Wednesday for a couple of hours! The student Matt is of course back at university now. I have just found out that I have more than 60 hours of leave to take before the end of March, so I will have to take a day off a week at least to use it, although I had to take time off because I prefer to have caught up with my work at first. I have decided to take a Tuesday off each week, at least except for half term, when the secretary takes time off to be with her son. I love having time off with my beloved, but just love to be up to date with my work. I was also busy finishing off preparation for the service I took this morning. On Saturday morning I took a load of card and plastic to recycle before getting some shopping done at Sainsbury’s. I had a lovely treat I had saved up for; I had a pedicure and a free manicure, which is the January offer at Skin Sanctuary. Next month, as I am a regular customer having a massage every 6 weeks or so, I will have a £5 discount off a massage and in March I could have a discount off a facial. When I was recovering from my breakdown, Hazel told me to pamper myself as a treat. I therefore put a little aside each week towards a good haircut and a massage, which I enjoy roughly 5 weekly. I feel so fortunate to be able to treat myself like this!!

It has been a mixed week as regards my beloved’s health with many downs and ups! He had been feeling much more achy than for a long time, even last week having chest pains, necessitating a visit to casualty, as related last week, if you remember. Well this Monday I rang to book an appointment for him with the doctor who had taken such care of him, checking on him in casualty and the next day. The appointment was made for Wednesday afternoon with the doctor. The doctor was rather business like reminding us of the 10 minute appointment length we could not exceed; and wanted to look at the aspect of my beloved’s problems to do with his recent chest pain on exertion; whereas all his symptoms tend to interlinked. We left with two lots of blood tests to be done, as well as a referral to cardiology in the pipeline! On the way home my beloved suddenly was tearful, wondering if it was worth it going to the doctor, as at one point the doctor had suggested he had missed hospital appointments. We had gone to the Chronic Fatigue Unit and my beloved had spent almost 2 hours of his initial assessment and was seeing the psychologist, who kept repeating the same question ignoring his response, until he left. On the invitation to the assessment we were told they could be accompanied, so I was in the initial part but the psychologist told me I had to wait outside! When he had left he told the psychologist that he would not be attending any more appointments, as he realised it was going to make him worse; we had expected her to tell the unit that he would not be attending. He had not just failed to attend appointments sent to us, but told the psychologist at the time, who had not informed Julie at the Centre. He would never knowingly fail to attend an appointment without giving apologies! He was therefore upset as he felt the doctor was being critical. He sent me back to the surgery to explain how upset he was and he needed to talk to someone. I hurried back to the surgery and explained how upset he was and she said the duty doctor would ring to speak to him. We waited and very soon there was a phone call and it was the doctor we had seen; he was very concerned that he had not judged the situation properly and spoke to us both reassuringly. My beloved felt better after that. Later when I was preparing tea the door bell rang and I was pleasantly surprised to see the doctor had come to see how my beloved was. It turned out that he loved his job and he had never had that reaction from any patient before, so he felt upset. He apologised for not reading the situation properly and said he would understand if Malcolm did not want to continue his treatment with him. However as the doctor had gone the second mile in coming in his own time to visit us, Malcolm is only too happy to continue with his help! We were so touched that he cared that much! My beloved will see him for a double appointment tomorrow afternoon.

We were told it was necessary to book at the hospital for a glucose tolerance test, which surprised me, as normally you go and take a ticket and go in order of arrival. We booked for Friday morning at 8.30am, when we found out we would have to then wait for 2 hours at the hospital, after he had taken a measured amount of glucose drink, for a second blood test. He was not allowed to do anything energetic apart from going to the toilet if required. We were glad to find some more comfortable chairs for the long wait; my beloved listened to his Sony Walkman and browsed the Radio Times, until after 10.40am, when his second blood test was done and we were able to leave. We got home by 11am, when I got my beloved some breakfast and did the local shopping and set off for the Acorn Centre, having rung them on my return to explain why I was going to be late.

My beloved had emailed his friends Roy and Jacqui last Wednesday evening, saying he hoped he would be able to get Open Church the next day to see them, as they had said they were going. On Thursday morning Roy rang to say he would take him to Open Church when he was ready. After Open Church ended, Roy asked him if he would accept healing and he said yes. Roy and Jacqui then prayed with him and my beloved found himself  laughing and crying with joy, as Roy prayed. On his return home, his pain returned with a vengeance and he rang Roy who came back and prayed with him and the pain went again. When I came back from work he told me of what had happened and he also told me that Roy had prayed for me that I would not worry about pleasing people and feel a greater sense of peace. Since then I have felt a true sense of peace and joy and closeness to Jesus and much more relaxed with my beloved. He did not experience further pain that evening, but he was awake most of the night, probably as he knew he would have to be up early the next day. I found I was strangely calm and my beloved coped far better than I had expected him too with his early visit to the hospital for the glucose tolerance test. I keep claiming that healing for Malcolm and thanking God for it. He is still struggling a little but with less stress about whether he will really be/ is really healed.

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