As we give ourselves to Jesus, he will enable us to heal and be healed!

Hello everyone! I was able to have an extra day off last Tuesday as I have some holiday to take before the end of March, although I still have a lot of work to catch up with at work. On Monday it was lovely to have extra time with my beloved, especially as he has been on two top strength antibiotics to cure his Diverticulitis. Predictably he has been more knocked out than usual, probably because of them! He has had to rest far more, but has had some better nights’ sleep; although he has often felt even more exhausted afterwards. It has messed his digestion up rather, as he had to space them out equally and one could only be taken with or after food 3 times a day, whereas the other tablet twice a day but not with milk or dairy for it to be effective. I will be glad when he finishes the course tomorrow morning. I finally managed to catch up with a pile of ironing and even a little sewing!

Unfortunately my beloved felt worse last Wednesday, so I rang Janet and cancelled the meal, we had invited them too; he was just getting used to the change of medication and the large dose of antibiotics, so it was sensible. I was glad that my beloved was able to have his acupuncture and it was extremely beneficial for him this time.

It was busier at the Acorn Centre on Friday, when a few new students joined, so I was pleased to have a bit more to do. On Saturday morning I went to a Traidcraft coffee morning to see what was available for my stall at Church; I stocked up.

The service this morning was inspiring as it reminded us of how Jesus spoke with authority when he taught in the synagogue in Capernaum, so that the people were captivated. As he was speaking a man with an unclean spirit came in shouting at Jesus saying he had come to destroy them! Jesus spoke sternly telling the spirit to be quiet and come out of him and after writhing in a struggle the man was released. Again the people were astonished and amazed at the authority he had; usually exorcists needed incantations and rituals to tackle such spirit possession. It was only those who were ill or suffering who recognised who Jesus was, not the religious leaders, the scribes and the Pharisees; they did not acknowledge who Jesus was.
Jesus restored the tormented man to wholeness as he healed him. Mr Noble encouraged us to seek God’s will for our church, remembering that He can do far more than we could ever ask or imagine. How then could we equip ourselves to recognise what Jesus wants us to do? How can we find the way forward for our church community? He suggested first and foremost that we were to seek and accept forgiveness from our Father in heaven and then rest in God’s presence. The Song of fellowship, ‘Purify my heart’ helped lead us in God’s welcoming presence; I felt the sense of His presence as I held my hands open to receive His enabling and blessing. As I offer those I love, especially my beloved, into the loving arms of the Father for his ongoing healing, in prayer, my two lovely daughters too and seek to pray constantly for those whom I know in need of healing, I know God is close at hand; the healing is a work in progress. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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