A week of family and friends and celebration despite the weather!

Hello everyone!  I was busy at work on the two days I worked; I am getting used to having Tuesdays off, as I use up surplus holiday before the end of March, although I could really do with working, but I have too much to carry over to next year!  It was lovely to be able to have time to do some sorting on Tuesday, although initially it seems to have caused more chaos!  I did manage to select a bag for the charity shop, and throw some rubbish out though, so it is a start. On Wednesday I led the service at the MHA Berwick Grange.  I was in the Dementia section, so I did not just stand there, reading my talk, doing the prayers and singing the hymns but I moved all around and they listened!  I told the story of the first time Jesus was asked to preach in the synagogue in Capernaum, as recounted by Mark.  The people were agog as Jesus spoke with such authority, so they were all rather shocked when a man who was possessed by a demon challenging Jesus and asking why he had come to destroy them.  I played this out very dramatically and then when Jesus just told him to be quiet and come out of him, the man writhed and was calm.  The organist said even she was hanging on every word!!  The people were even more amazed that Jesus had authority over the evil spirits; normally exorcists at that time needed elaborate incantations to cast out evil spirits; Jesus just spoke and the evil spirit left the man. 


We have had a lot of very cold temperatures in the last week, although on the morning that it was -1 when I was setting off for work, the car was not frozen; yet it was frozen when the temperature was 1!!  That seemed bizarre to me.   


On Friday I had another busy day at the Acorn Centre, which I enjoyed. I love to help the students gain in confidence.  It was also a very special day for my older sister Janet as she had her 70th birthday!  She still looks great and is so happy now in her marriage of 2 years on February 6th to the lovely Graham.


Yesterday unfortunately the weather forecast was accurate and the promised snow arrived, a little earlier than predicted at 1pm!  It snowed persistently all afternoon and was still snowing when Beth took me and my beloved over for Janet and Graham’s joint 70th celebrations; (Graham’s birthday was on 21st September last year; they travelled to visit family in America and explored California then.)  A number of friends had to cancel coming, which was a disappointment for Janet and Graham; fortunately all our family got through, but a number of Graham’s relatives were unable to come! 

I had been particularly concerned about my brother Selwyn being able to come, as he lives such a long way away.  However he and his wife Janet had arrived earlier than the snow, as their daughter Nicola and her two daughters, Corry and Hannah were giving a flute concert at Emmaus house, a Christian Old people’s home.  This morning I asked my friend Nancy who is a resident there at church this morning how she enjoyed the concert.  She loved it and was especially moved as her two daughters were also flautists!  She was surprised that I knew about the concert, but as usual I bathed in the reflected glory of my talented family! 


We had a lovely celebration meal with Janet and Graham, family and friends; the chicken dish was delicious served with roast potatoes which even came up to my beloved’s expectations!  We all gratefully received second helpings!  A band for the Ceilidh was coming, but the band was delayed by the snow; they did do some sets for the dancers.  It was good to see the guests enjoying the dances, although I was sorry not to be able to join them, as I injured my knee a week ago on Saturday somehow?!  It suddenly hurt when I was exercising and I found it very painful to bend it.  Being me, I continued to do gentle exercising being careful to stop when it felt extra painful and put ibuleve on it twice a day.  However it was not getting much better.  At work I mentioned it to my colleague and she thought it had fluid on it, so I asked one of the doctors I work for to have a look at it. He confirmed that I had fluid on the knee and I should continue to put on ibuleve, but also get a support bandage and to stop exercising and rest it! I had been doing the wrong thing!!  I am being good now and resting it as much as possible; if it does not get better in 2 to 3 weeks I may have to be referred!  I am working hard to rest and allow it to recover. 

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