Last Week’s High Points

Hello everyone! I have enjoyed another extra day off this week, as I am still using up holiday, but time goes quickly and I soon wonder where the time went! We did enjoy an amazing film which we transferred from video to DVD, a French film called ‘La Belle Noiseuse’ and lasts nearly 4 hours. It shows an artist who draws a life model played by the beautiful Emmanuelle Beart as Marianne. We watch some of the pictures developing as he explores her personality and eventually manages to capture who she is deep inside and in a way that is destructive. We do not see the successful picture as it is so disturbing and with his daughter he bricks the picture in the wall, so it will not have a destructive influence. However having painted the picture he is once again paint normally; this was the second attempt he had made to paint such a picture. The first time he had tried to use his wife as his muse, but gave up when he realised he could destroy Liz, the woman he loved; that had had a detrimental affect on the artist, so he had not painted for 10 years, when he began to a second attempt with Marianne. Completing the painting successfully had released again his ability to paint. It was an amazing film which was gripping and exhausting to watch and afterwards I kept replaying the images and the interaction of the people. I would recommend it to everyone.

I was busy at the Acorn Centre on Friday and I took an apple fruit cake which was rather overdone but tasted alright and it was demolished in record time!! I have now finished the apples from the garden, so I now have to buy them!! My knee is much better now, but I will not get back to exercising till next week to make sure that it is properly better.

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