A week’s break has done me good and given me quality time with my beloved

Hello everyone! I have enjoyed a week off with my beloved and I feel virtuous as I have finally begun to sort out the books and items clogging up our downstairs rooms; I must emphasize that I have only started to do that! A couple of charity shops have already benefitted and I am sure a number more will, before I have finished sorting. Of course the loft has gained more goods which I am not yet ready to part with! It was great to see Beth last week on our anniversary, when she had lunch with us, before going to a well earned rest as she had been at work since 5am!!
Cathy popped in to see us the next day and shared a bottle of champagne to celebrate our anniversary the next day. It was great to catch up with her and hear her news and see her looking so well. She had been spoilt by her partner over the weekend, as she had been working on Valentine’s Day. He brought her breakfast in bed which included a big bouquet of flowers and a chocolate pizza, not my idea of a breakfast!! Then they went on the train to Leeds in the afternoon with her having instructions to bring a packed case and warm outdoor clothes. He had booked an hour’s ice skating, which she had always wanted, and booked a newly refurbished Hilton Hotel in Leeds to stay in. The restaurant he had booked an evening meal at turned out to be the hotel they were staying at. They also had a magnificent view over the city; once again Ken had come up trumps!!

On Wednesday I saw my former colleague from work Christine and we had lunch together in Café Culture. It was good to see her in the midst of her busy life caring for her grandchildren, as her daughter does courses to prepare to return to work as a registrar Paediatrician next month. When she left I came back to join my beloved, who made delicious pancakes, which we soon consumed with lemon and sugar!! I had just had a main course at the café, which left space for the pancake treat. It had not been possible to make them on the Tuesday for some reason, which I can’t remember.

On Friday I was back at the Acorn Centre helping with the computer; it was good to be back and helping the students. As I usually do I took an apple fruit cake and some cakes to start the second half term to try and give an incentive to the students to return to the course; whenever there is a break there is always a reduction in the number of students attending.

On Saturday I went to a study day to my chapel on contemplative prayer called centring prayer. The idea is to choose a sacred word as a symbol of your intent to consent to God’s presence and action in our lives. We are encouraged to sit comfortably with eyes closed and settle briefly and silently introduce the Sacred Word as the symbol of your intention to consent to God’s presence and action within. The Sacred Word could be something like ‘Lord’, which I used. When we become aware we are engaged with thoughts we are to return ever so gently to the Sacred Word. At the end of the prayer period we are to remain in silence with eyes closed for a couple of minutes. The period recommended was 20 minutes, which we tried; the leader introduced the session with a prayer and closed it with the Lord’s Prayer. I found it restful, but I was easily distracted, so I kept using the word, Lord which helped me refocus. We did another session in the afternoon and needed a drink to wake us up although I did not fall asleep. Afterwards my legs ached and I needed to rest them up; especially the knee on which I had had fluid was painful, but after resting it overnight it seemed better this morning.
I tried a session this morning and found it relaxing, although I needed the Sacred Word to draw me back. I used a timer under a cushion but looked just before it went off. It is difficult to time it on my own. The comfortable position was more comfortable here at home than at the course, so it did not affect my knee this time.
I will describe how the service helped me this morning in my next blog posting.

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