The Ups and Downs of Life

Hello everyone!  I had a busy week at work trying to catch up with the backlog of work after my holiday.  Unfortunately I had to do a pile of scanning as the member of staff who usually does it has been ill. Hopefully this week I will be able to feel I am making some inroads in the work.


Unfortunately my beloved has not had a good week.  When he lifted the rock out of our aquarium to clean, he pulled a muscle in his shoulder which aggravated his back problem, which has a herniated disc, so he was in a lot of pain.  The pain moved down to his lower back, so he has his back support on and has taken more painkillers. Fortunately today he seems to be managing better as the back is settling, thank goodness.  I felt awful yesterday after I had suggested we could have lunch at Café Culture, when my beloved just could not cope, as he needed to stay in the supportive chair at home, as he burst into tears.  I hurried to cheer him up and apologise for suggesting it, saying it did not matter, but he was almost inconsolable as he felt he was letting me down and holding me back!  I wished I had not suggested it; I had only thought it might give him a change!  I do feel helpless when he feels so hopeless; some part of his symptoms improve but seem to be taken over by other ones; his legs are much better, then he had trouble with his wrists and arm pits, then his shoulder and back; unfortunately he seems only to have an odd day or so when he was totally free of pain.  I know he is only a moderate sufferer of M.E. but it is bad enough.  I am so fortunate not to suffer as he does.  God is good to me and I love sharing my life with my beloved.


Our minister led worship this morning and we had communion, so it was a worshipful service.  Tim spoke about the sacrifice which faced Jesus as described in Mark 8v31-38; Peter challenged Jesus when he foretold his suffering and death and resurrection and tried to distract Jesus from such thoughts of seeming failure, but Jesus reacted strongly, saying get behind me Satan as he was reacting from a human point of view not a divine point of view.  He rejected again the temptations which he continually struggled in his life.  Jesus went on to emphasise that discipleship involved denial, being obedient to God’s will and being prepared to suffer. They would be called to sacrifice themselves for Christ and the Gospel and so are we called.


In about 3 weeks the circuit will be deciding if they will be taking responsibility for our chapel, as we are an ageing congregation, or whether our town centre church will be closed.  It is vital I feel to keep a town centre presence for Methodism, especially as many of our congregation work to provide outreach in Forward Together, which provides a weekly lunch, talk and fellowship for those on their own or the elderly; coffee is served on a Tuesday and every Saturday morning drinks, lunch and fellowship is offered there.  Tim recognises that we are prepared to sacrifice our spiritual home in this church; I feel bereft at the thought, as I have found a wonderful supportive friendship there and made great friends since moving there in 2006, when our small local chapel had had to close.  All we can do is to pray that God’s will be done when the circuit meeting make the decision. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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