Hello everyone!  Our service was led by our part time minister Trevor and it had the theme of water in each part of the service.  The extract from Genesis described God’s establishing his covenant with all people after the destruction of the flood, where the rainbow was to be His sign that never again would he destroy the earth.  Water was there a symbol of evil threatening life in the flood and such a flood needed to be kept in check.  Jesus’ baptism was for cleansing, not that he needed cleansing, but he identified himself with our need for cleansing.  There is the reality of the power of evil trying to destroy life and the power of God that can and does overcome evil.  The extract from 1 Peter described the rather vulnerable new church as an ark, giving its members security.  The good news in our time is that the church is not to cling to the protection of the ark separate and unaffected by the world for our sole benefit.  Our calling is to partake in society and be integrated with the world sharing their risks, partaking in their uncertainty, showing the love of God in all we are and do.  We are to share the presence of God in the midst of pain and hardship, showing how He cares for all.  Trevor reminded us that more people are loved into the kingdom than argued in.  When the love of God is shed abroad it leads to repentance and belief with those we meet so that the world may believe in Him who sent Jesus.  This was the service last Sunday which I have just got round to posting, as I have been busy at work and also preparing a service for next week, but I wanted to share it anyway!

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