God loves us and calls to us to renew our connection with Him

Hello everyone! I have had another busy week at work, but I am making more progress as a new member of staff has been trained to do some scanning and next week our secretary’s son will be doing the scanning, as he is back from university. I was therefore able to do some of my backlog of coding, which seems still to be reducing very slowly, but I have done one or two summaries too. I also had to do an urgent referral which had taken place after the secretary had left on Tuesday and I was happy to do it, although it left less time for my work. This coming week I will have more time to concentrate on my work, but the following week our secretary will be on annual leave for 2 weeks, so I will have to do more typing than my work!

My day off on Wednesday passed by very quickly; I just do not know what I did but it was good to spend time with my beloved. On Friday I was not as busy at the Acorn Centre as the better weather seemed to keep some students away, but it was a blessing in some ways as I had to leave early. Beth my elder daughter was having an exploratory colonoscopy. She looked pale from lack of food and exhausted, but she coped far better than I did; I relaxed when I heard her chatting afterwards; she was relieved to be able to eat. On Saturday I had the treat of a massage, which was lovely and relaxing.

Today our service for Mothering Sunday was led by our minister Rev Tim Boocock and it was a family service. He asked the children if they were any good at gardening after only one older child in her 20’s had given their mother breakfast in bed and they said that they were. He brought out a young mum of two of our children to be a rose. Tim asked the children what a rose needed to flourish and the rose wilted in front of them. The first child suggested water and was only to eager to water the rose; restrained in enthusiasm by Tim, although it must be said that the children were each polite and restrained at first, before they gained in confidence. The rose was still wilting so soil was suggested and another child added soil, miracle grow appropriately, with growing enthusiasm. One child warned about the danger of greenfly so a spray would be needed. The child was reluctant at first to spray the mum, Rachel, but later grew in confidence. I enjoyed the gleam in our minister’s eyes when he applied the spray even more liberally!! The rose needed sunlight and a torch from the pulpit represented the sun. Slug pellets were liberally applied and fertiliser in the form of horse manure by individual children. As it progressed the whole congregation were greatly amused. Of course plants need pruning although the youngest child wielding large pruning shears did look dangerous, but was not allowed to ‘prune’ Rachel’s hair, although he was keen to do so; Tim rather enjoyed her discomfort, I am sure!! Finally an adult came to fasten her to a stake to hold her upright and she was a flourishing flower!! Then the decision was made to pick her so she could return to her seat! It was a meaningful spectacle. Tim asked us to consider now we know how to help a flower flourish how we look after a human being.

John 3 was then read which described Jesus challenge to Nicodemus to be born again. Tim pointed out how courageous Jesus was to challenge Nicodemus, an elderly scholar, respected teacher who had come to see this upstart from Galilee. He would not have expected him to ask him if he had been born again, instead of discussing what he considered important. What right had he to question him? He was asking him to get back to the foundation of his faith to the spirit, love and life of God. He needed to return to God’s love which had brought him to faith in the first place. The origin of Mothering Sunday was the day when servants were able to go home to their mothers with flowers and worship in their home churches. We too are called to open ourselves as we are to receive God’s love and acceptance afresh and reconnect to the source of our life. We need to be connected to God every day of our life to flourish. We do not flourish inside in our inner self, if we do not realise that we are loved by God. Jesus had invited Nicodemus to trust the love of God and not to be concerned about small details. Let us during this time of Lent get back to the roots of our faith, and remember God’s love revealed to us in Jesus and share that love with a world of people who need to know God loves them. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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