The joy of new life and spring

Hello everyone! I have had another busy week at work, but this time it does look as though I have made progress at last; I only have ½ a box of coding to do, instead an almost full box, as our secretary’s son is back from university, so he is doing the scanning and some other admin jobs. Also for 2 afternoons last week I had some help with summarising new notes, which is brilliant and she is coming in next week too. It has taken so much stress from me too.

I was busy on Wednesday doing my service for this evening, and then at lunchtime I went over to see my former colleague Christine, meeting her at her home. It was good to catch up with her and hear her news. She looks after her two grandsons, one nearly 4 and the other 1 year old part time and also has to deal with problems of her mum who has cognitive impairment at a distance; her mum had refused to move up with them when they moved to be nearer their daughters, which life doubly difficult. However as always she was smiling and upbeat; I don’t know how she copes at all. We had a nice meal at a restaurant in Wetherby and enjoyed a good chat. I enjoyed the rest of the day spending time with my beloved.

It was the last day of term at the computer course at the Acorn Centre, where I am a volunteer. I took in my apple cake and some Easter cakes to celebrate the Easter holiday. One student adores my cake and worked extra hard, so he could have an extra piece!! Yesterday I did some tidying up in the garden and spread some of our rich compost over the garden as it comes back to life. I then had the AGM of the Fairtrade Shop to go to; I am glad we are in the black, especially as the main shop will not open properly again, since St Peter’s Church has been refurbished, for a few weeks. There was training for new volunteers at the shop and some stock which was out to date to clear, but then I was able to get back earlier than I had thought. My beloved and I then had a walk to deliver the last few weeks copies of the Methodist Recorder, which I pass on to a friend who has just had a knee operation. She did not respond to my knock so I pushed them through the letterbox. We had enjoyed the lovely spring weather and especially the variety of bird song which accompanied our walk, including a thrush and even a chiff-chaff. We love to hear the chattering of sparrows in our garden and the nearby dunnocks singing their hearts out. Local blackbirds delight us with their song as the afternoon draws on. It just makes me smile every time I hear the joyful songs of the birds; first thing in the morning when I get up for work, at present in the dark, the birdsong helps wake me up.

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