A more relaxing week with more family time

Hello everyone!  I enjoyed my long weekend with my beloved and Beth joined us for Sunday lunch, which was good.  We had a lovely relaxing afternoon watching DVDs with Beth, after a delicious chicken casserole with my beloved’s lovely roast potatoes followed by Beth’s own baking, a gluten free sweet to share, a Bakewell type of pie, which was delicious.  It apparently took a long time to prepare, and a lot of mess, but it was well worth her effort.  We watched ‘Tangled’ based on Rapunzel, the fairy tale and roared with laughter; the imperial horse is the funniest character, a cross between a blood hound and a person!  We would really recommend that Disney film.  We also enjoyed watching ‘Tinkerbell’, although that is not as funny as ‘Tangled’; I am so glad Cathy recommended it to us.  It was also good to be able to relax on Monday at home, not having to get up too early. 


I was busy at work on Tuesday doing the typing and any secretarial jobs which cropped up, so I still have some coding to catch up, but only a small amount.  On Thursday Ruth, a former neighbour, was doing the secretarial work, so I was able to scan and code.  I will soon be up to date and able to do some summarising.  I was able to prepare my service for Sunday on Wednesday and Friday as the Acorn Centre will not begin again until May; I enjoy having extra time off with my beloved.  This morning I went along with my beloved to my former chapel coffee morning to raise money for the children’s hospice, St Martin’s Hospice.  It was good to see the few remaining friends; a number have died and others have moved to be nearer their families.  We will meet each month to raise money for different charities as long as there are few of us still there.  It is much colder today, especially with the wind and rain earlier; now it seems just cloudy and windy; I may venture in the garden again, as I did yesterday later; the sun does keep trying to come out.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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