Jesus is alive, let me be open to hear his voice each day!

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week at work, but have actually caught up with my coding, which is wonderful, thanks to the help of those who do scanning for me, and Joyce who did a lot of new patient summaries for me.  I also did 1 ½ new patient summaries on Thursday, even though we had a fire safety training session.  I am relieved that I will no longer feel as though I am fighting a loosing battle!  Now I will be able to do summaries of our existing patients, so we can get a more complete record of them on the computer.  At least I will not then have such a backlog when I take time off to celebrate my birthday with my friends, family and work and church colleagues, and will be able to enjoy my break, as I know someone will be doing scanning and others will be brought in to summarise should a number of new patient notes arrive.  Usually I have found it difficult to take time off as it just meant there was a huge backlog to catch up with on my return.  I enjoyed my days off, namely Wednesday and Friday as the computer course does not start again until May.


This morning’s service was a celebration of the resurrection of our Lord in the Eastertide.  Our opening hymn was ‘This joyful Eastertide, what need is there for grieving?’ and confirmed to me the joy that Easter has brought.  It was one of my favourite Easter passages, the road to Emmaus, and it always makes me think of my mother; it was her favourite resurrection meeting with our Lord.  Our minister Tim Boocock took that as the subject of the sermon. He asked us if we were looking forward to the Olympics or fed up of the coverage; I must admit that I belong to the latter group!  He said that when he was a new minister, the steward at his church gave out the score of the Grand Prix before he gave the normal notices at the beginning of the service!! 

He could imagine Cleopas and his friend holding back when most of the pilgrims left Jerusalem after the Passover Festival was over and maybe left later when the roads were so quiet.  They were both downcast and disappointed as they travelled home to resume their lives.  As they walked together they were joined by a stranger, who asked them why they were so low.  Cleopas could not believe that the stranger could not know what had gone on the previous week in Jerusalem, so he somewhat forcefully told him of Jesus’ death and then the puzzling news that the women had brought about Jesus being alive again; yet they still felt confused and disappointed and had decided to resume their normal lives again.  The stranger then reacted with frustrated as he asked how it was they had not understood all they had been taught or why they were so ignorant of the scriptures! 

Tim admitted he might not have taken kindly to such a rebuke nor been receptive to the teaching!  He does remember ringing the chapel he was about to preach at in plenty of time with the hymns and the readings.  The steward rang him back to say that the reading he had given did not exist in the Bible!  It soon became clear that she did not know there were any letters in the New Testament by John!!  She was an experienced steward but could have done with further study of the Bible! 


The stranger began to remind Cleopas and his friend of the teaching they had received and gave them a whistle stop tour of the Hebrew Scriptures and the distance which had seemed interminable at the start, had been quickly covered. They did not want the stranger to leave, and as it was getting dark they invited him to have a meal with them.  He took the bread and gave a blessing, broke the bread and gave it to them; then their eyes were opened and they recognised him as the risen Jesus, who vanished from their sight.  They realised that their hearts had burned as they listened to his every word and no longer down or disappointed set off back to Jerusalem to share the good news that they had seen the Lord and recognised him when he broke bread.  They also found that Simon too had met Jesus, and the disciples confirmed that He was risen indeed!

Tim told us to be expectant and open to the Spirit and the Bible, as Jesus could appear to us at any time, or reveal himself through our Bible readings. 

We sang my favourite hymn ‘And Can it be’ which always makes me thankful for all Jesus had done for me.  The lines which mean the most to me are; ‘My chains fell off my heart was free I rose went forth and followed thee’ and ‘No condemnation now I dread, Jesus, and all in him, is mine’ and the concluding verse, ‘Bold I approach the eternal throne and claim the crown, through Christ, my own.  The service ended with the great hymn, ‘Stand up! Stand up for Jesus,’ and we sang it to a tune I had never heard before, but it made me look more closely at the words; especially as the first 4 lines were repeated as a chorus after each verse; apparently the ‘new’ tune is an old Methodist tune!  I learn something new each day. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Jesus is alive, let me be open to hear his voice each day!

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    I think I would agree about ‘and can it be’ being about my favourite hymn. Though I do like ‘Loving Shepherd of thy sheep’ – a children’s hymn by Jane Leeson – and one that you will sing at my funeral!

    Emmaus – I agree again! Don’tyou love that picture by Sant and Roberts in St Wilfrid’s Church Harrogate – of the walk to Emmaus? They have the original oil painting – it is also in a book I inherited from Mother – Sacred Art.

    • helenbeech says:

      I hope we are not expecting your funeral yet?! I can’t remember the picture of the Road to Emmaus at St Wilfred’s Church; I will look if I go there. When we sang ‘And can it be’ at Father’s funeral I felt his spirit being released to join his Father in Heaven; I love it so much, it is one of the hymns I have chosen for my funeral too.

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