A lovely break at home with my beloved

Hello everyone!  I am glad that I now have a couple of weeks of time off with my beloved as I look forward to my birthday in May.  We will just relax together and enjoy the plans I have made to share my birthday with friends and work colleagues.  Next Friday I will be having a meal out with work colleagues at a local restaurant, so I will be able to have a drink; normally I have to drive to our venues and therefore have soft drinks.  On Sunday 6th May I am sharing a cake, made by a member of my church with other members of the church in celebration of my birthday.  My sister, Janet is making a cake for me to share with those who drop in during the evening following my birthday.  On my birthday Cathy will be taking us all out with her partner Ken, with Beth to Luigis restaurant.  On May 11th at the Acorn Centre the tutor is making me a cake, as a present, to share with the members there, so my birthday treats will be extended!

At work I managed to get my coding up to date, but I only managed to finalise one large set of new patient notes, but at least there will only be two weeks of coding to catch up with when I return from my holiday at home!

Tomorrow I will enjoy my first treat of a massage at Skin Sanctuary, which I always find relaxing.  The following Saturday I am giving myself an extra treat of having a manicure and pedicure. The best part of my time off will be to spend time with my beloved and my daughters.

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