A Night apart but thankfully back together again

Hello everyone! I am now continuing to do my blog after I cut it short last night. My beloved had had niggling chest pain after a sharper pain yesterday morning, most of the day; after another sharper pain between 5 and 6pm which left him with intermittent central chest pain, we decided to go to A&E to get him checked out. We arrived there at just after 8pm. Fortunately he was seen quickly initially and was soon lying down. He had an ECG which was normal but his blood pressure was higher ( 164/101) than his normal with a pulse rate of 97. We waited then for quite a long time before he could see a doctor, as it was quite busy. However he was comfortable and checked regularly by nursing staff and I had time to read my current book. His ECG was taken again and his blood pressure checked, but they wanted to take some more blood at 5am to do a troponin check to see if the pain had been his heart. It was then we were told he would be admitted overnight. He was taken down to the ward by 11pm and once he was settled I went to say goodnight and headed for home and bed. I made myself some bottles to warm me in bed and had a hot drink. I found it much more difficult to go to sleep than when I have my beloved’s arm round me! I set the radio on sleep on Radio 3 but felt very awake. I put the light on and read some more of my book, until I started to nod off. Once again I switched the light off and don’t remember the radio stopping, so I was asleep probably by 1am. I woke at about 6.30am with the sun streaming in, but felt exhausted. I dozed for a little, but then decided to get myself a drink of water, and have a few cups of tea, to try and wake up gradually. I read the current Methodist Recorder and thought I must get up and do some sorting, whilst I would not be disturbing my beloved.

I was just finishing a shower when the phone rang and I had a lovely chat with my sister Fran, albeit getting dry at the same time, until she wanted to get her breakfast and I was getting rather cold and wanted to get dressed and get some breakfast too! I had some porridge, before deciding to do some moving and sorting then I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors. I also popped over to take some of my birthday cake I had shared yesterday at church to a friend from church; she is undergoing chemo and radiotherapy at the moment. She was up to seeing me so I stayed for about 15 minutes. I met her sister who had come to stay for a few days and help her. She was pleased to see me, so I am glad I went. I had earlier posted her a card to show I was thinking of her and praying for her. She rang yesterday afternoon to thank me. She tries to acknowledge each card and is very grateful for all the support and care she has received.

I had rung the hospital at 10 am to find out when I could collect my beloved and how he was. He would be out at lunchtime after having a chest x ray. My beloved then rang me to say his heart was fine, but he would be having the x ray later. I rang again at lunchtime when it was suggested that I come to see him at 2pm for visiting. However a nurse rang to let me know I could collect him at 1.40 pm, so I managed to park easily and we were soon home. I hate to be apart from him so it is great to have him home!

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2 Responses to A Night apart but thankfully back together again

  1. The Oxcliffe Fox & vixen says:

    Just in case you didn’t get our e-mail, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELEN. I hope Malcom is safely at home to celebrate it with you & nothing too remiss has been discovered. Love to you both, the Oxcliffe Fox & Vixen xx

    • helenbeech says:

      Thanks for both your birthday greetings via email and my blog; much appreciated. I am enjoying the week of celebrations with my family on my birthday and with local friends last night! I am now catching up with my emails and greetings, although I got up late this morning; unusual for me! Fortunately Malcolm remembered I had made an appointment for him this morning at 10am, which I had forgotten!! We got up in time so it was fine thanks to Malcolm.

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