And the celebrations continued ……..

Hello everyone!  My celebrations did not end with the day time fun with Cathy, as she and her partner Ken were taking us all out in the evening for a meal at Luigi’s.  Beth picked us up and took us all to the restaurant.  It was a wonderful occasion especially as my beloved was in such good form making hilarious comments as the meal progressed.  It was lovely to be with my lovely family enjoying my 60th birthday.  I had cannelloni, after a mushroom starter and finished with a delicious piece of cherry cheesecake with a candle on it; Luigi sang ‘Happy birthday to me’ which was fun!!  We enjoyed a lovely house white wine with the meal and plenty of happy chatter; it was perfect for me.


Presents were arriving during the day on my birthday which was lovely for me!  I felt really spoilt.  A lovely white rose plant, a bottle of red wine and some Swiss chocolates all in a useful basket courtesy of M&S and my sister Fran’s generosity for my birthday!  I also was receiving flowers delivered so my front room was full of flowers, many of which are still giving a great display.


The next day was more hectic as I prepared for an at home evening for local people to come and join us.  My sister Janet had made a lovely big cake which she had decorated with a Bible and the date of my birthday, which we shared after sharing pizzas, Indian nibbles, a delicious vegetarian quiche (made by Graham Carter from Café Culture), and various cheeses and bread and gluten free cakes and dairy free cakes for Beth and other friends.  It went very well and my beloved took photos and short video clips which turned out well. Once again my beloved came up trumps, washing up plates as they ran out and pouring wine for my guests.  It was lovely and Janet’s cake was pronounced delicious by all who tasted in.  I have also shared it with friends who could not join me at the party and took some into work to share with my colleagues; all told me how lovely and moist it was!  It is a pleasure to have such a talented sister.  On Thursday I just collapsed after all my celebrations and just rested, especially as I was volunteering at the Acorn Centre that Friday!


On Friday the celebration continued as Kath, my tutor had made me a cake as a birthday gift, so I could share it at the Acorn Centre with staff and students.  The cake was a masterpiece decorated in butterflies with a computer on and it tasted lovely, especially with her thick homemade marzipan made with her beautiful free range eggs.  It was and is delicious as I have still about half of it left!  My friends at the centre gave me a hanging basket which we are getting started in the green house, as it is still so cold.  Kath gave me a cute ‘Boofle’ key ring with my name on and Helen socks too; useful and special, as well as the lovely cake.  It was the icing on the cake of my week of celebrations and that is why I went back to work for a rest!!



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2 Responses to And the celebrations continued ……..

  1. So pleased the birthday celebrations went so well. And above all that Malcolm felt well enough to take part in htem. Love the Vixen

  2. helenbeech says:

    I had a great day because Malcolm was well enough to enjoy it. It always makes a difference when he can share it with me.

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