My Birthday Celebrations with Cathy

Hello everyone!  I have been busy back at work this last week after a hectic week of celebrating my birthday the previous week!  I was very glad that my beloved was with me when I woke up on my birthday, although I was up early to get my hair done.  I was soon home awaiting the arrival of Cathy, who had just finished her latest shift of work the previous day and opening my presents with my beloved.  I am so blessed by the generosity of my family and friends!  Cathy arrived and suggested that we have a lunch at Betty’s when we went into town, so we set off!  To our amazement there was no queue at lunchtime, probably because it had been Bank Holiday the day before.  We were able to sit in our favourite part of the restaurant.  Cathy suggested a pink champagne afternoon tea, which we had; we enjoyed the pots of tea with the neat little tasty sandwiches and a scone and jam and cakes; as we ate the cakes we had the glasses of pink champagne and the waitress took a picture of us and even brought me a French Fancy with a candle on it!!  It was magnificent!  I then decided to look for something to spend the money gift I had received from my colleagues at work.  We had a look in M&S but I could not see anything that caught my eye and I then remembered Cathy’s recommendation of exercise sandals from the shop ‘Shuropody’.  We went in to try them on and I had to buy size 6 as the size 5 was too small, even though it is my usual size.  I then noticed that there was a special offer of buy 3 pairs of shoes for the price of 2, so I had a look at the styles.  I was looking for a pair of cream smart shoes and Cathy found a lovely pair which fitted me perfectly.  I thought that I need only find one other pairs of shoes to get one free, but then it was explained that it was only valid on new shoes; any shoes in the sale were not included and the cream shoes were reduced in the sale!  I had already chosen a pair of new sandals and a pair of trainers, so I looked for a different pair and was delighted to find a pair of light sandal/trainers and bought them. The three new pairs of shoes with the trainers free only came to £2 more than the staff had collected for me and I treated myself to the cream shoes from the sale!!  Having gone in for a pair of sandals, I left with 4 new pairs of shoes and they are all comfortable!!

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