A week of hot sunny weather and activities

Hello everyone!  Last week summer came suddenly and the contrast is amazing!  I love the blue skies and sunshine especially streaming in to wake me up in the morning.  I love the light mornings and evenings, but I do not love extreme heat, especially at work; I managed with one of the doctors’ advice to get a through draught created which helped a lot.  A walk in the fresh air to refresh me made me hotter!!  It was lovely though by the river watching a lot of contented people.  I had busy days at work, which I enjoyed apart from the heat! On Wednesday my day off Cathy came to see us for lunch and she was glad to do 3 loads of washing accumulated from holidays and from her partner’s backlog, which she took back later that afternoon with them mostly dry!! It was great to see her and hear about her holiday in Singapore and Hong Kong; Ken preferred the former, whilst she preferred the latter.  The weather had been good and maybe they brought the good weather back with them!  I took Cathy down with some flowers for Kate’s grave.  A gentleman talked about Kate as he is a regular visitor to a grave and knew Luke and little Joseph, who are also regular visitors; he commented on the way Joseph played ring a ring a roses by the grave.  I do not find it helpful to see a grave as I remember the person as he or she was and feel more saddened by a visit there.  I do not want a grave but just a seat on which people can sit on the Stray to remember when I walked across the Stray.  I am fortunate to have been most of my life in Harrogate and it is my home and will always be.


I was at the Acorn Centre on Friday again and it was good to be back there and catch up with my friends.  Whilst I was there I had a phone call on my mobile, which I did not hear from my elder daughter Beth, but my beloved phoned to tell me she was at Casualty with a suspected broken foot!  Usually my younger daughter Cathy was the one more susceptible to breaking limbs, not Beth, although she is more vulnerable since being diagnosed as a coeliac and has her bone density regularly checked. She had indeed broken her 5th right metatarsal and is in plaster now unable to weight bear!!  She feels she has let her work down, as she cannot weight bear at least after she has been at the Fracture Clinic, but she could not get an appointment before next Thursday!!  In the past it was the next day at the fracture clinic, so it is not her fault that she cannot be at work at the moment!! 

I must admit that the heat can get too much but it helps me if there is a breeze.  I have been retreating indoors behind curtains to keep cool and for my beloved the heat is too much!   It is good to have so much sunshine for a change.  My life is good and I am so blessed!  Thank you Lord!

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