The Sumptuous Fare at Coniston Hotel

Hello everyone!  I forgot to tell you of the delicious meal we had at Coniston Hotel.  We had a long table in the Bannister Suite and were greeted with sherry or soft drinks.  We milled around chatting to each other before it was time to sit down. David said grace and then we all awaited the meals we had pre-ordered grateful for the copies David had so assiduously supplied.  I started with melon, followed by chicken in a delicious sauce with potatoes and vegetables, Beth had the same with a suitable gluten free sauce.  Cathy’s starter was field mushrooms stuffed with cheese and smoked bacon. Her main course was roast pork with roast potatoes, stuffing, apple sauce and rosemary jus.  Beth and Cathy both chose individual strawberry and raspberry Pavlova with raspberry coulis for their sweets; whilst I had sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce and banana ice cream.  It was all lovely and completed with cups of tea or coffee and mints.  I drove the girls there and back. I would recommend the venue and the meals.

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