The Journey to the South and our first night at the Red Lion Radlett

Hello everyone!  Now the next instalment of my trip to Sarah’s wedding.  My beloved was stressed at the prospect of the journey south, but all was OK as we set off, all set to follow the M1 most of the way.  However when we had followed the A1M and were preparing to transfer via the M18 to the M1 a sign flashed up warning those heading for London not to travel on the M1!!  So we had to stay on the A1 and keep on going that way.  The journey with a couple of diversions, a less salubrious toilet stop, took 5 hours instead of the expected 3 ½ hours!  We arrived somewhat frazzled at our destination of the Red Lion Radlett, near St Albans.  We could not park or stop next to the Red Lion but my beloved asked someone where we could park and we were told that the car park was further up the road on the right, so we drove in but there was a barrier, which was raised once we had rung for the access code!  Our room seemed pleasant and it was a relief to have a rest and we listened to the radio, which my beloved found on the television. 

It was lovely to go into the empty restaurant of the hotel for a meal; the bar was full of people watching football and chatting away.  The menu looked really interesting and we chose oven baked sea bass in a lovely sauce with fennel and new potatoes, which was absolutely delicious accompanied by a large glass of flavoursome house white, ‘le sanglier de la montagne’ – ugni blanc colombard.  Victoria, our really helpful waitress printed off the route for us to go to the weddingWe completed the meal with creamy strawberry cheesecake.  It even made my beloved feel it had almost been worth the journey to have such fare!  We then retired to our room to enjoy Springwatch and relax and go to bed early listening to Radio 2!


The next morning my beloved felt much more achy and exhausted following the journey.  He managed to come down for some breakfast with me and we both had cereal, a full cooked breakfast and toast!   We decided to eat a good breakfast, as we did not know when we would be eating exactly after the wedding.  My beloved felt so wrung out and achy that he felt it would be better to rest whilst Beth, Cathy and I went to the wedding.

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