A Great Break with Family and Great News

Hello everyone!  It started with some excellent news on Monday, when my younger daughter came to bring a father’s day gift for my beloved, her stepfather, but to my surprise her partner came too.  Cathy then told me that Ken had asked her to marry him and showed us the beautiful white gold ring with a single diamond!  They both looked so relaxed and happy, it made our day!


It has been lovely this second week of my holiday being able to get into the garden to try and tackle the rampant growth of weeds, especially ground elder.  The weeds seem to be winning at present!  As fast as I clear one section another they are already growing back in the cleared section!!  Still it has been lovely to spend more time in the garden, but I was only able to do some more today after we had two more days of heavy rain, easing a little yesterday!  Our garden still squelches especially in the wild area when we walk on the grass!  The pond is full to the top and every possible container is full of water!  I am going to try and buy a big container, so I can empty the water from our wheelbarrow and other transporter; they are so waterlogged that we cannot use them to transport anything!!  It has also been lovely to spend more time relaxing with my beloved, as he recovers from the journey last week.  Once back I was shattered at first but now I feel refreshed and ready to return to work tomorrow.  

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