Saying goodbye to a friend

Hello everyone!  I had a busy week at work and now feel I have got back into it; it took me a day or so to get up to speed!  Monday I had to fight to keep awake but by Thursday I was more alert.  Wednesday was as usual a busy day shopping and spending some time with my beloved.  I also had my hair done, which was relaxing.


I had a busier day on Friday than usual, as I had an appointment at 9.30am and local shopping to do before going to the Acorn Centre.  At Malcolm’s doctors I collected a prescription and saw a friend who asked me if I were going to a neighbour’s funeral and I asked when the funeral was.  I was told it was 12 O’clock that day at Trinity Chapel!!  I was so glad I had asked as Eddie was a good friend, who had sadly died despite having a successful heart operation who had died the previous week.  I went to the Acorn Centre and stayed till 11.50 and drove to the funeral, returning after the service celebrating his life at about 1pm.


The family entered the church to the music ‘Come unto me all ye who labour’.  Our superintendant minister Rev Mark Godfrey gave the welcome to the family and mourning friends and led the prayers.  We sang ‘Love divine, all loves excelling’.  The verse ‘Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.’ Matthew 11v28 was read by Mark.  Then his son Stephen gave an address in his memory, recounting his life and his lifelong faith.  Apparently his widow Joan had compiled an album of photos which Stephen had discussed with his father in his time in hospital as he awaited his heart operation. The last time he saw his father before he went into hospital he suddenly took hold of him and gave him a hug, which was uncharacteristic of him; he must have known it could be the last time!  Stephen will never forget that gesture of love from his father.  He had struggled to match up to his father’s exacting standards but had realised he was loved.  He knew how much his father supported his mum when she was ill and how many friends he still had made over the years. Apparently he had met his mum, Joan when they were 20 and it was love at first sight and they married a year later.  They shared more than 40 years of a happy marriage.  Mark also gave the second address using the words of his best friend of 30 years Fred Thompson.  They met each week for a drink in the pub and caught up with each others news.  Eddie Jones kept up his friendships over the years.  He was a joiner and he had his own business from the early 90’s and never advertised but had plenty of work via word of mouth. Unlike many people who are joiners or other skilled workers he did extensive work improving his own home, including building an extension; the only thing he got a man in for was for plumbing!  I have a built in cupboard he made for us, which utilises all the available space.  He retired in the last 3 years and will be long remembered for walking their dog with or without Joan.  We then sang ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want:’ followed by the commendation, the Lord’s Prayer, and the committal in church.  The service concluded with the singing of the hymn, ‘Dear Lord and Father of mankind,’ and the family left the church to Adele singing ‘Make you feel my love.’  It was a very moving tribute to a well loved man. 

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