What a week!

Hello everyone!  What a week, I have just had at work.  On Monday I taught one of our doctor’s stepson how to scan to add letters on the computer attached to the correct patient.  He actually picked up scanning very well, but it took a big chunk out of my work time that morning!  I did manage to get some work done, but not catch up my backlog from my holiday, a week before.  I could not initially supervise him, whilst I did some work in the main admin room, as our secretary was training the lady who would be covering her over the next 1 ½ weeks, when she was on holiday.  The next day the cover lady arrived without her smart card and had to go back for it, as she could not do choose and book without it!  That was not a good start, but then at least she was able to do the typing and attach letters to choose and book, used for booking appointments. To make up time she stayed a little later and did the minutes for our practice meeting and then had further work to complete before going.  Having the practice meeting and having to help the cover lady with any queries she might have, I still could not make much of an inroad into work!  I was glad to be able to have my day off on Wednesday, as I knew there would be cover for the secretarial work.  I was busy on Wednesday shopping and preparing for services this evening and next week, and it was good to spend time with my beloved too.


On my return to work I found out that the cover lady for the secretary had rung in sick on Wednesday, so there was a backlog of letters.  After 9.15am we realised she was not coming in on Thursday either, so then I had to stop doing my work and do the letters.  There were 16 letters waiting including an urgent one, so I got started!  When I had typed one another one was added, so I still had 16 to do.  I typed as fast as I could and find where these letters needed to go and whether they needed the practice manager to attach letters to choose & book.  I am not so quick as the usual secretary is.  I had a phone call from the hospital telling me a letter was needed for a choose & book appointment, so I typed that next.  A little later my practice manager rang to say there was another letter outstanding, but the cover secretary had begun to type it but not finished, so he retrieved the letter and I typed that.  The rest of the day was spent typing letters, giving the doctor’s son advice on how to label a letter for attaching it to a patient.  Time passed and suddenly it was the end of the day and I was typing the 5th to last letter, so I completed that before going.  As I closed Lexicom after 6pm another 3 letters joined the 4 remaining ones!  I hope she was back on Friday, otherwise I will be busy do the letters on Monday!


The week went smoothly except for a stressful experience on Wednesday.  I had just got my shopping through the check out and felt in my pocket with my purse to pay and it was not there!!  I felt really upset and panicky especially as my beloved has always warned me not  to take the purse shopping with all my cards in it, in case I mislaid it and I had done just that!  I thought my beloved would be rightfully angry with me for doing something so stupid and dreaded telling him!  I hurried to the car and felt around the floor of the car but it was not there, nor on the passenger seat.  Feeling sick I drove home and just told my beloved that I had forgotten something and set off for the local shops, the only other place I had been, but I had not left it in the last shop I had used it in, the post office!  Then I hurried back home to confess what I had done to my beloved.  I looked for the numbers to phone to cancel my cards, after doing a quick rush round rooms I had been in before I had set off for Waitrose.  I had also rung back to Waitrose to check if any purse had been handed in, but nothing had been handed in!  Suddenly my beloved said, ‘Is this your purse open on the dining room table’ and thank God it was!  I am now most careful only to take out the cards I need on any shopping expedition!  And what was my beloved’s reaction?  He just took me in his arms and held me and it was just what I needed!

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