Another full week of activity; the pressure continued!

Hello everyone!  I am now summing up the week commencing July 16th, when much to my relief the secretary returned from holiday on the Wednesday.  I also had a few hours support with secretarial work that Monday too.  I did begin to do some of my own work then.  Also I had had support with scanning, so I was able to do some coding as well as doing an odd summary too.  That certainly took the pressure off me, although I was still busy preparing for the service I took last Sunday.  I was also at the Acorn Centre for the final session this term supporting the students with the computer on Friday 20th July. 


On the Wednesday it was lovely to spend time with my younger daughter Cathy enjoying chatting about her wedding plans for February 2014!  It is especially exciting for me as I had no mother to plan with, as we had sadly lost her the year before my first marriage and my father had remarried a couple of months before my wedding.  We had a drink together at Café Culture as we had our mum and daughter chat; I was relieved that she had been able to come, as arranged, as she had had a stomach bug and looked rather pale.  Beth who had become mobile enough to get on the bus on her crutches came for lunch after going to the morning communion service at Christ Church.   We have smoked haddock baked in the oven with cheese served with jacket potato and that seemed to be fine for all of us, including Cathy.  We had hoped the cycling gardener, Martyn Clayton, would come that Wednesday to start to tackle our overgrown garden and give us tips to control it, but sensibly he put off his coming as the forecast was pouring rain till the following Wednesday.  Funnily enough the sun came out and the day improved!! 


Last Sunday I led worship at Killinghall Chapel when I preached on the compassion of Jesus, when although he was tired, had not had time to eat and wanted time to talk with his disciples who had just returned from the mission Jesus had sent them on, seeing them like sheep without a shepherd.  He saw their need and met it, healing and ministering to them despite his need to rest and recuperate and spend time with his disciples.  That is such a challenge for us too, I felt, to minister to those in need around us, even when we need to rest.  Of course we are not called to do that in our own strength, as Jesus never leaves us.  I found it a particular challenge to find time to rest and yet prepare to lead worship 3 weeks in a row.  I could not repeat any service as I usually follow the lectionary and the readings each had a challenge for me which I wanted to share with the congregations.  I recognise that without Jesus as my friend and support through my life in all I do and also reminding me of the need to pace myself and not overdo it.  I still do not learn the lesson of resting enough though!!  Sometimes though circumstances just take over and I then have to rest when I can.

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