At last I catch up on my news!

Hello everyone!  I was busy at work in the second week of July, but I did have some help on Tuesday, when a replacement secretary did the typing and choose and book, so I was able to get on with my work on that day.  However as I was and am quite far behind I came in to work on Wednesday morning to try and tie up some loose ends.  I was also beginning to prepare for next week’s service in the evenings after work and only finishing the service for this morning. 

On Thursday afternoon we had a party to say goodbye to our senior partner at the doctor’s where I work.  We all brought things in to share but we had to share out the leftovers.  However our practice administrator gave the eulogy to the leaving doctor, as she had arrived and started work at our practice about a year after the senior partner started!  It was a moving speech and 2 of the doctor’s daughters came; there was a film showing all members of the surgery over the years of the doctor’s time there.  A former receptionist with us came for the party and brought photos she had taken over the years of us all.  It was good to socialise with patients as I am usually hidden working on admin and rarely at reception!  On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre helping with the computer. 

I had a busy morning on Saturday, as I went to our local coffee morning in support of a brain tumour charity, which is close to my heart after Cathy lost her best friend Kate to a tumour after a 5 year battle with it.  A friend’s husband died in the last few years suddenly from a brain tumour.  I did not stay till the end of the coffee morning, as I had to leave to do an hour’s stint at Asda collecting for ‘Action for Children’.  I was so relieved if anyone put a donation in the box and about 9 did in the hour to the receipt of my hearty thanks!  Standing still made my knees ache; they are fine when I dash about in my usual fashion, so I was glad to get moving.  I don’t think I collected much but as one lady said, nobody has any change nowadays, as they pay on cards.  I did have the company of a beautiful 11 month old wire haired dachshund called Buddy; he hated to be left even for a few minutes and did not touch the treat until his mistress reappeared; I kept stroking him to reassure him, especially when he whimpered a bit. 

It was good to spend the rest of the day with my beloved as I prepared for the next service next week.  On Sunday morning (15th July) I led worship at Pannal Chapel.  The grandson of a couple, in the congregation, had died recently in tragic circumstances and I was really impressed by the minister at the chapel, Roberta Topham, when she rang me and put me in the picture about the situation prior to my taking the service.  She also asked if I would use a prayer written for the family and put on Methodist Women in Britain’s website. I felt emotional leading the service, but I felt strongly that Jesus was close to us all in the pain the congregation shared.  I preached on the call we all have to speak out for God, for justice and fairness.  We need to be prepared to stand for the vulnerable and those without voices or any power to change their lot.  We have so much and so many advantages, help us Lord to stand up and be counted, and fight for those without hope or a future.  The Lord calls us to follow and we can only walk in your strength.


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1 Response to At last I catch up on my news!

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    I enjoyed reading about the retirement party. did the retiring Dr receive any gifts from staff or colleagues? Were there hosts of cards and letters of appreciation from patients? Did any patients present any gifts?

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