An eventful week – Counting my Blessings

Hello everyone!  Finally I am beginning to catch up with my blog postings again. Although I was off on Friday and had yesterday free I felt so shattered that all I could do was rest and read and watch the television and relax with my beloved!


The week after the last post was eventful.  I was busy at work again, but began to feel I could keep up better with my work.  On Wednesday I was busy, as I had the appointment with Talking Spaces, our gardener came again and I went to see my friend Fred Thompson, a worship leader of Harlow Hill Chapel to make plans for the service I was taking there on August 12th.  Together we chose hymns on the theme of the service and chose 2 of the readings for us to do dramatically. I led the start of the service, opening prayers and children’s address and the sermon and Fred led the dramatised readings with me, the intercessions and the offering. I felt that the share of leadership would enhance the service. 


On Thursday at work a former colleague came in to say goodbye surrounded by her husband, daughter and son in law as Jenny had been told she had days left to live, having come close to the end of her battle with pancreatic cancer.  She may have been in a wheelchair but she smiled bravely as she came to say goodbye.  She had been told she could do whatever she wanted and was going for a pizza and a drink; later she confided via text that she enjoyed a mouthful of pizza there!  Later too she texted that she had a lovely day on the Saturday!  Her bravery and generosity will never be forgotten by me or my colleagues and my prayers continue for her and her family in gratitude for her gift to us all.  I now find once again I am counting my blessings and giving thanks for all I have, my beloved husband Malcolm, my beautiful daughters Beth and Cathy, my home,  my job, the fellowship and support I feel at church and my health!  God has been and is still good to me, my support and stay maybe most when life throws up its challenges.



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