A lovely week at work and at home with family!

Hello everyone! I had a good week at work from August 13th and was pleased to know that the doctor’s stepson had got his required grades to do chemistry at Sheffield University that Thursday. On Wednesday morning I had an appointment at the doctors and the doctor reassured me that the ECG I had had last year was essentially normal and nothing to worry about although it had been ‘borderline’. I am having another ECG on Wednesday 29th to reassure me further. I then went for my chat at Talking Spaces which was helpful again, although I felt weepy afterwards. I then met my daughter Cathy who was home for a break at the doctor’s surgery as it was nearby. She was getting a prescription and I handed a prescription in changing the chemist to which it would be sent, as there had been problems with our local chemist sending requests to our doctors. So far the chemist in Waitrose has had not problem so far. It was great to walk back with Cathy and catch up with her news. It is wonderful to have daughters as grown up they are friends. I find it is vital for me to see her each time she is back, however short the time is! Cathy took me via the wedding reception venue and I was able to look in and felt so thrilled, not just to see it, but to be sharing in her wedding preparations, which is what any mother of a future bride would feel! I was not fortunate to have my mum when I planned my first wedding and as my stepmother had only just married my father she could not get involved with my preparations. I am relishing every moment of wedding preparations with my daughter, wonderful! I am so lucky to have 2 lovely daughters and it would be great if Beth could find as great a partner as Cathy has; although she is quite content with her 3 cats! I was glad to go later to get my hair done; it is lovely to be pampered in that way; Sinead at &Hair is a talented hairdresser, who always does an excellent job. It was a full and wonderful day completed by a relaxing evening with my beloved. It was good to have further time to spend with my beloved on Friday as well as Saturday! It was a lovely week!

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