An eventful week

Hello everyone! On Tuesday 28th August I arrived at work in my usual cheerful way to hear them talking about sadness. I am not good at looking at my mobile phone when I am at home as I switch it off so I had got the message and the nurse told me that Jenny had finally lost her battle with pancreatic cancer and had died surrounded by her family on Saturday 25th August! The nurse felt terrible when she told me, not realising I had not known. I told her that it was fine as it was not her fault or Joy’s. Joy had texted everyone and I only replied to her as I put my mobile on at work! She will be laid to rest on Friday 7th September at Lawnswood Cemetery.
I was busy at work on Tuesday even typing a few letters to help the secretary as she had so much work to catch up with after the Bank Holiday weekend. On Wednesday I had an appointment for an ECG in the afternoon at the doctor’s. I was at home during the morning as we were expecting the gardener to come and also the gas man to service the gas fires. However when we saw the torrential rain we hoped Martyn was not coming and were relieved to see his email sent at 3am to say the forecast was so bad that he would come instead on Friday and do a couple of hours before an appointment he had in Harrogate. That was fine by us, so we looked forward to it. We then received a message from the gas man explaining that he was ill in bed but would arrange a further appointment the week commencing September 10th.
I had my ECG and there was no change from the previous time and then the doctor thought it was essentially normal, even though it said it was border line so I will trust they are right, as I have not heard anything to the contrary. I met Beth at Waitrose and as I waited I did some shopping there. Beth came running up with the information about the bungalow she is buying and we went to M&S for a drink and cake; M&S are good for gluten free food so Beth has a good choice of nibbles. We then popped into the Building Society for Beth to arrange an appointment for a mortgage on the new property. There was an appointment available so we went in together but it took a long time, so I left to go to Beth’s car and did some shopping in Waitrose and came out and finally about 5 minutes too late for the space but the car park attendant was on the prowl and must have seen my anxious face scanning the horizon and relief when Beth appeared running!! When we got home I asked my beloved if he would like a drink at Café Culture with us, but he was resting rather exhausted. We went for a drink and a cake there and brought a Danish pastry back for my beloved. Beth had some gluten free biscuits as well as a drink. It was lovely to see her again and spend some time with her.
I had a more relaxing day on Friday not getting up too early. On Saturday I was able to get up later which was relaxing. I was not feeling very comfortable since last Sunday as I had developed sciatica and I had a telephone consultation with the doctor who recommended painkillers only. I was using ibuleve and taking ibuprofen but it was suggested I also take 2 paracetamol 4 times a day, which I did, but that made me feel worse; so I ended up mostly taking painkillers first thing in the morning and at night and managing during the day. However I had a massage booked at 1pm on Saturday and I was glad that I had arranged that. Silvie at Skin Sanctuary was brilliant and knew exactly where the pain was and the massage finally began to relieve the pain so now I have been able to take only the odd painkiller. I am still being careful though.
On Saturday night I treated Beth to a concert at Wesley Chapel to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our organ. Gordon Stewart gave an excellent performance interspersed with funny anecdotes on the organ. He is a gifted organist of wide experience beginning at 15 as a church organist in a Methodist Church. He was born in Dundee to a Presbyterian Minister and a high Anglican mother. He trained in Manchester and Geneva, worked for 15 years in cathedral music, first in Manchester then in Blackburn, and has been the Borough Organist of Kirklees for 20 years. He has played concertos with a number of orchestras, recorded on organs in the UK and South Africa. For over 20 years he broadcast regularly as a soloist on and conductor on BBC radio and television. He is a well known teacher, was Senior Organ Tutor at the Royal Northern College of Music and now one of the organ teachers at Cambridge University. He has played concerts all over the UK including St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Cathedral and Symphony Hall, Birmingham, through Europe, and in the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It was a privilege to hear him and to hear about our organ made in Leeds; apparently many of the parts are still original even after 100 years. Beth and I were really glad we had gone to this special concert.

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