A very busy week back at work and doing activities

Hello everyone! On September 19th I had a longer than normal chat at Talking Space as time ran away with us, so I was later meeting Cathy who was waiting for me at our doctor’s surgery nearby. It was lovely to enjoy a walk and a chat with Cathy; it is so important to see her; it is wonderful having daughters, who are as much friends as my daughters. Beth also joined us from work, as it gave her an opportunity to see Cathy as well. My beloved was feeling shattered and needed to rest and was not ready for lunch, but Beth had just finished a long shift after an early start and needed lunch, so the girls and I went out for lunch to Café Culture. We all had soup and a roll and a drink, which was homemade and delicious; Beth even had gluten free bread too. It was fun. I just had soup as I thought I would be seeing my friend Hilary that evening; although I was not sure if I had got the correct evening, so I phoned Hilary and left a message on her phone. Having not had a reply from Hilary, I made myself some tea and hoped she was OK. The next day Hilary rang to say that the battery had needed replacing on her answer phone and only early in the morning did they realise the phone was dead!! We made another arrangement and now have each other’s mobile phone numbers, so such an incident should not happen again!

It was lovely to see both my lovely daughters for lunch; time always whizzes when I see them! My beloved felt a little better after a rest. He has not been having a good time health wise recently. On Friday 21st the computer course began again and we had the needed number for the course in the morning, but needed more for the afternoon session. We would have to see if we could give it more time to recruit members the next Friday.

I had a busy time last Saturday as I spent 3 ½ hours manning the Borough Fair Trade Group’s stall. I found it fun trying to attract custom to buy Fair Trade goods and or to have a go at throwing a ping pong ball into empty baked beans tins. Each tin had a prize, chocolate buttons, a 20p, a free throw and one had a £5 note in it. It took a while but some managed to get free throws, one or two won 20p and a few won chocolate buttons, whilst one lad won the £5! That brought great interest to the stall with a whole queue of lads having a go; it cost 50p for 4 throws. Some did win the free throws, but they kept having more goes, as they could see it was possible to win. The lad who won kept coming back until he had probably spent his winnings trying to win more!! It was a lesson in the addiction of gambling!! I kept trying to tell him that he would lose it all if he kept on trying! Other children, who gave their money in the attempt to emulate his winnings, won nothing; it was terrible. One girl came and managed to win £5 but unlike the lads she tried a few times to do it again, but only spent money she had brought to spend; she did not win again but she left with her £5 winnings intact! She would not become a gambler in the future I am sure; she also found the lad who had spent most of his winnings was a pain at school; I think she found it gratifying that he lost most of his winnings!! Once my colleague and I had dismantled the stall, I set off for home and suddenly realised how my legs were aching and how exhausted I was. My beloved asked me why I had not taken a chair but I had just not thought of doing so; I will in future do so!

I just had to rest and drink a cup of tea; I had a banana to keep me going as I rested. My neighbour Joan had invited me to join her for the harvest supper at Trinity Methodist church, where she attends since losing her husband a few months ago. I must admit I was shattered and would have preferred to have just put my feet up for the evening with my beloved, but I felt that I did not want to let Joan down. I took one of my apple fruit cakes with me as it was a faith supper. There was load of lovely food with salad too, which was good. I found it better than I had expected to socialise there, as I do know some people from when I preach. Cathy’s friend Jane was there with her mum; Jane’s little girl loves to talk about going to Sunday school there, as it makes her feel grown up!! Neither Joan nor I like to do games but we did our best to join in with them; the game of beetle was the first we all played but fortunately we did not do too many rounds! I of course won nothing nor did Joan. Then we had a quiz to fill in guessing the type of sweets represented; I managed to get 15 out of 21, not a winning score; my mind went blank but fortunately we did not do any more games! By that time I was visibly shattered, so Joan and I left for home; it was good just to sit and rest with my beloved after an extremely busy day!!

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