An eventful Week at home and work 22nd to 27th October

Hello everyone!  I had a very busy but enjoyable week from October 22nd onwards.  I was very busy at work as usual but I was also preparing a service for the following Sunday.  I had to do a lot of scanning as my usual helpers had no time free to scan, as they were so busy.  This meant I only managed to do a few summaries and my coding backlog was building up.  I always like to keep on top of my work, but it was just not possible.

I had prepared 2 apple fruit cakes, one for work and one for the Acorn Centre as it was going to be the last day before half term.  I had a too busy day on Wednesday as I went to Waitrose early to get the shopping, before I went to Talking Space for my hour’s counselling, which is beneficial.  I then drove to Wetherby to meet my former colleague Christine for lunch.  We went into a cosy café for a lovely lunch; I had a delicious vegetarian lasagne with homemade chips and salad.  We had a lovely chat and she commented about how lovely it was to eat without children; she looks after her 2 grandchildren whilst their parents worked and or studied; at least the elder boy is now at school, but she has to drive to her daughter’s house for 7am, so that she could leave for work, and then take the elder boy to school near his home.  If she gets time off she often has to do things for her mother or younger daughter, although she will be having a few days away with her sister; I do hope she gets a rest.

I was glad to get home and spend time with my beloved and began to relax and do some preparation for my forthcoming service.  At just after 4.30pm the phone rang and Fred a worship leader from the church reminded me that I had arranged to go and discuss the service at 4pm!  I am ashamed that I had forgotten!  Fortunately Fred was so much of a gentleman with me and quite understood. We had a good discussion and it was arranged that Fred lead the first part of the service, apart from my input of a children’s address.  I then took the rest of the service and together we had chosen hymns made far easier by Fred.  He also told me how to find some notes online in Roots concerning the passages I was preaching on and that helped me finish my sermon.  It is always a great help to work with a worship leader when leading worship, especially as they are usually local to the congregation and give insights into the suitability or otherwise of hymn choice for example. 

On Thursday evening I came back from work earlier than usual as my sister Janet had invited us for an evening meal.  It was good to be home earlier as I could spend time with my beloved.  Janet and her lovely husband Graham entertained us really well with food and enjoyable discussions; we laughed a lot. We had a lovely steak pie with plentiful vegetables followed by profiteroles and cheese and biscuits accompanied by wine, although I only had a little, as I was driving home.  It was lovely and cosy with the real fire!  It was a lovely evening.

The students at the Acorn really appreciated the apple fruit cake and a few other tasty titbits on Friday, although not as many students came as were expected. The students have variable attendance as they all have some mental health problem or other.  I like to volunteer for the Acorn Centre and help people gain confidence as they learn computer skills, as it was at the Acorn Centre that I gained my computer skills and the confidence to return to applying for jobs and ultimately my present job, where I have gained further skills and confidence in the last 6 years.  I then finished off my service preparation for Sunday.

On Saturday I experienced meltdown as I had overdone it as usual and I felt overwhelmed by the apples needing eating or cooking, so made some apple sponges to use up apples.  I had a cup of coffee and put the instant coffee jar down and the lid was loose so coffee sprayed all over; I tried to clear it up but we keep finding it still all over!!  I was then stretching up for something and knocked a bowl out of the cupboard and it broke of course!  Then I thought I must make myself a lunch as time was going on, so I heated some beans on the stove and then micro waved the grated cheese on top, then I went gratefully to sit down and eat.  However the smoke alarm set off rather persistently!  I rushed to the kitchen only to see that the plastic cover I had used over my meal was alight on the stove where I had not switched the gas off!  I remembered not to open windows but thought I must stem the flames, so threw tea towels over it to remove oxygen but forgot to dampen them, so it burned more eagerly with smoke pouring.  I had to wake my beloved who was dozing to help and he threw water on it to calm the flames and billowing smoke.  He then threw the dampened items outside.  I had put on the extra fan but it had not removed much!   The smell of smoke and melted plastic lingered long after the crisis was over.  I found I was shaking and decided to stop doing anything and rest!!  I realised that I was totally exhausted because I had continued to do jobs when I already felt really tired and therefore I was too stressed to avoid carelessness!  It is a hard lesson to recognise that I need to stop before I have to collapse.  My beloved was lovely and supportive; I was more condemnatory of my foolishness.  Fortunately there was no serious damage!


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2 Responses to An eventful Week at home and work 22nd to 27th October

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    Very food orientated blog! Me – I don’t like veggie lasagne – I keep wondering where the meat is. Wonderfully told tale of your kitchen fire – what a very eventful life you do lead

  2. helenbeech says:

    Yes I do lead an eventful life, but I do try to stop now and again; however it is not easy just to stop and relax; my mind is always full of all the things I have to do!

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