Week commencing October 15th

Hello everyone! I just realised that I had not mentioned the week commencing 15th October which led up to the service I described in my previous blog post. On Wednesday 17th Martyn our gardener came and made a great effort to tidy up our garden, although it was too wet for him to scarify our wild area. Hopefully he will be able to do that on his next visit. I did not see my counsellor as I was leading worship at Berwick Grange the Methodist Home for the Aged at 11 am. We sang ‘O Worship the Lord, all glorious above’ to open the worship and I led prayers and read Mark 10v17-27 about the rich young man coming to Jesus. We then sang ‘I need thee every hour’ which they seemed to enjoy; a few sing and one man always whistles the tune. I then acted out the Bible Story even throwing myself down as it were at Jesus’ feet. That kept them interested, as I retold the story of Jesus, explaining how Jesus told the young man that all he needed to do was to sell all he had and follow him, but the young man turned away really sad. Jesus told the others that it was impossible for a rich young man to enter the Kingdom of God, which puzzled the disciples; wealth was considered to be a blessing from God. Jesus said that all was possible with God as long as we do not let wealth come before our Lord.

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2 Responses to Week commencing October 15th

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    1. I had no idea you had a regular gardener! 2. I would have loved to see Helen falling in a heap at an old folks’ home – I bet that woke some of them up!

  2. helenbeech says:

    The gardener is essential, especially this year as Malcolm has not been very well and the weather has been so wet that I have not had much time to do some tidying in the garden. They certainly took more notice at the Old People’s home when I did actions!

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