A Busy Week & A Set back for my Beloved

Hello everyone! Last week from October 29th till November 3rd was a busy and eventful week. I was very busy at work all week and on Tuesday I had my first one to one training for using EMIS web with which we shall be shall be going live the week after next; there is a lot to learn but it should eventually be easier to do, when I get the hang of it. I was careful to relax more in the evenings last week as I had got so exhausted the previous week and weekend. On Wednesday I saw my counsellor and again she helped me to sift things out in my mind and now I reflect on that. In the evening I met my friend Hilary and we had our usual chat at Pizza Hut, which was good.
Malcolm had been in bed when I set off shopping and onto my counselling session, but when I returned I found my beloved was not feeling too good. He had felt giddy and nauseous when he was going to get up and he just had to rest; he did get up but felt more exhausted than usual. He only managed to eat some smoked haddock and half a small jacket potato at lunchtime, but that was all. Yet he had diarrhoea and frequent visits to the little room. I tried to get him to drink but he felt bloated and nauseous and dizzy. I hoped he would feel better by the next day. I set off for work on Thursday morning, but he was not feeling any better. I was concerned about how he was so I rang his doctor’s at work, when I could get through, but I was unable to get an appointment although I could speak to the doctor on the phone. A doctor rang me back and was very helpful; he wondered if some new medication had caused his problem and suggested half a dose or stopping it or he would be able to be seen that afternoon. I opted for the latter and he was given an appointment at 4.10pm. At about 10.30am I rang my beloved to see how he was feeling and told him what the doctor had suggested. I told him I could come home at lunchtime if he was still feeling as bad. He rang at 12pm so I left work then to be there to support him. I tried to get him to sip some drinks even though he could not eat. I rang the doctor again as my beloved did not feel able to get to the doctors; however when another doctor rang he really encouraged me to get him to the surgery. My beloved managed to get up and dressed, as he had reluctant to go in pyjamas and dressing gown, as I had suggested. The doctor examined my beloved and did not think it was the medication but that he had caught a bug, but she prescribed something to settle the nausea to be taken 20 minutes before attempting to eat; she told him it was more important that he try to drink more. He began to make an effort to sip more drinks and with the medication began to be able to eat a little. Of course his lack of food made him more exhausted too, so he still had to take care.
I went into work on Friday morning to make up the hours I had missed on the Thursday, as there was no computer class at the Acorn Centre, as it was half term. I was glad to relax with my beloved on Friday afternoon too. I had a walk into town to do some shopping before returning to relax with my beloved. I knew I could have used up some apples by baking, but I knew I felt tired and should not push myself too much. I am trying to learn to be more sensible about my time off. It was good over the weekend seeing my beloved manage to eat a little more and yesterday he began to find what he was eating tasted better! I just hope he soon is back to normal for him, which is still not really well.

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