An eventful Week from November 4th till November 10th

Hello everyone!  Last week at work I was very busy but got rather stressed on Thursday, when we were doing some training in preparation for going live next Thursday with the new system of Emis Web.  I have been using Emis LV for the last 6 years and feel comfortable with the program, so naturally feel apprehensive about the new system.   I think that coding and summarising will be quicker once I get the hang of the system, but I still need to hone my skills on scanning.  Two of the doctors were very encouraging to me, telling me not to worry, as it will be new for us all.  The secretary and the administrator will be going to try out a system which is already live on Monday, so they can have a proper trial of the system. 


This week my beloved has begun to feel more himself although he is not snacking as much as before; his appetite is much reduced.  It was good to meet with Cathy and her lovely fiancé Ken after I had had my helpful chat with my Talking Space lady.  Cathy, Ken and I then walked back together, but we went into Café Culture for drinks and a cake and a chat.  I found the chat quite illuminating and helpful.  Cathy and Ken are so sensible and have such a good relationship.  I then returned with Cathy to see my beloved and we had a good chat.  My beloved was feeling better and was up to going out with Cathy and me for lunch to Café Culture.  It has been so good to see my beloved able to venture out a little as he had been knocked so low by the sickness bug the previous week. 

Having returned home after a delicious relaxing lunch, I finished off making a couple of apple cakes, one for the Acorn Centre and the other I took to work.  Gradually I am able to use up some of my windfall apples, although a number are hidden under the wet long grass and others have been half eaten by birds or other garden creatures.  I am glad to share Nature’s produce with the wildlife in our garden.   We have recently replenished our stocks of bird food in preparation for the winter too. 

On Friday the Acorn Centre computer class began again and my apple cake went down very well.  It was good to meet my friends there and I enjoyed helping them.  Last week we enjoyed watching and recording the repeat of the wonderful series on the dark done by the BBC; it was absolutely gripping!  We are so blessed by the BBC wildlife programs, Operation Iceberg; autumn and spring watch and we will also have winter watch too.  We also loved David Attenborough’s Ark; the 10 animals he would choose; it was informative and enlightening.  We also love the dramas they have produced; we loved Parade’s End so much that we have requested the DVD for Christmas.  We love the comedies and the topical programs and we love the programs on BBC 4 and on BBC 2 too; I really value the informative programs such as ‘Countryfile’ and the music programs like Later with Jools.  I would hate to lose the treasure of the BBC programs.

I had a lovely Saturday relaxing in bed reading whilst my beloved rested and then going to a coffee morning in aid of Save the Children with members of Oatlands Chapel, who are now spread round the circuit, but meet up monthly for fund raising coffee mornings.  It was good to see everybody again.  At lunchtime I went into town to have my treat of a full body massage; it was so relaxing that I was loathe to move when it was time to return home!  I could easily have fallen asleep; Silvie from Skin Sanctuary in Harrogate is brilliant!  It was then good to return home and find Cathy with my beloved as he was printing things off for her. As she will not be back until a couple of weeks into December she had been doing her Christmas letters, so she is really well organised.  We had a lovely relaxing time listening to the radio 4 afternoon play; Weekend Woman’s Hour, the Jazz on radio 3 and Loose ends on radio 4.  We also had fun watching the Aristocats DVD.  We love our cartoons.  We also enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine together.  My beloved is gradually regaining his normal appetite, although he continues to be exhausted.  Yesterday afternoon he changed more water in our Aquarium and put the final treatment dose in the tank.  It is good to see the fish look so much better. 

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