Growing in Self knowledge

Hello everyone!  I continue each week to talk with Judith in Talking Space and she continues to recognise my needs under the torrent of words.  I enjoy working with the students at the Acorn Centre who come to study computer to improve their confidence and self esteem, as they battle with mental health issues.  On Saturday 24th November there was a Christmas Fair for our local pre-school group at my former chapel, Oatlands.  They are in the process of making part of our chapel into a community centre for the locality, something which we as a chapel had had the vision for, but were unable to put it into action.  Whenever I can I support their fund raising ventures and my beloved and I went together. On our arrival I prepared to pay the expected entrance fee of a £1 each but was only asked for £1 altogether. Why you might ask?  The young ladies told us there was a concession price for OAPs!!  I told them that although I was indeed 60, I was not an OAP and paid the full price for myself; I suddenly felt very old!!  My beloved did assure me that they would assume that as we were together and that young people would always see us as old!!  My beloved came with me to make sure I did not buy to support them only rather than buying what we needed.  I could see the point as my daughters have been encouraging me to sort out the accumulated goods I have collected over the 30 years in my home!  I do have a tendency to buy to support others rather than always only buying needed items.  However with Cathy’s help I gave a couple of big bags to our local charity shops, having already in anticipation of her assistance already given away two bags to the local charity shops.  I does help me feel better about myself!!  My counsellor at Talking Space has also encouraged me to take small steps in the direction of de-cluttering, when the prospect threatened to overwhelm me!!

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