Moving House should not be this difficult!!

Hello everyone!  My daughter Beth had a week’s holiday in which she hoped she would be able to move into her new home, but it was not to be.  I had the Local Preacher’s meeting on December 4th which fortunately was not too long a meeting.  I took Thursday off work and the computer class had broken up for Christmas the previous week, so I could help Beth get packed to move.  We packed and sorted as much as we could on the Thursday 6th December ready as we hoped to move the next day.  On Friday I arrived at Beth’s house in good time to fill my car with as much as I could as the removal firm Billy Whizz began to fill the removal van with furniture.  The van filled up and then Billy left to await our call when Beth finally would have completion.  Unfortunately anything that could go wrong went wrong; the money took a long time to reach the solicitors of the vendors and buyers.  In the end Beth’s solicitor advised her not to complete until Monday as time was running out to have a successful completion on Friday, so she accepted that she could not move. What could she do with a van load of furniture, especially as Billy Whizz had another job to do that Monday!!  Beth’s solicitor suggested she ring the vendor to see if she could have keys to put the furniture in the house that Friday and he agreed.  So we arrived at the house not long after 4pm and it was pitch black in the house; as the house had been let before, I met an agitated Beth who had discovered cards for the electric and gas and she had no money on her.  I set off to a local shop and managed to get some cash put on her cards but then we had to work out how to put them in and credit them to the gas and electric; fortunately the younger removal man was able to show us how to get them working and we had lights!!  That at least made it easier to see where to put furniture and boxes.  Beth and I emptied the cars, although I set off home before she had finished and the removal van had unloaded most of the furniture.  As she had no bed at her former home, she came to sleep with us over the weekend until she could get the keys.  Her three cats had to stay at her former home until Monday.  Beth spent time on Saturday shopping with Mahmood as she was taking some items he would need to replace and was glad to see her cats before returning to our house.

In the meantime I went to support my former chapel’s coffee morning in aid of the homeless before going to my present chapel, Wesley Chapel to help with our Christmas coffee morning.  It was rather nippy being outside helping on a stall but I enjoyed helping.  Mind you it was good to be able to relax the rest of the day!

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