Sunday December 16th Nativity at Wesley Chapel

Hello everyone!  Here I am again catching up with my posts after the busy time leading up to Christmas and helping Beth move house.  On December 16th we had our service of lessons and carols and the children’s nativity.  I was fortunate to be given the reading which sums up for me the message of Christmas John 1v14: ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the glory of the only begotten Son of the Father full of grace and truth.’ I still feel like bowing my head in acknowledgment of the wonderful truth, as I was brought up to in the High Anglican Church St Wilfred’s and we even genuflected at that point; and I now as it were do that in my mind.  The nativity was done in different way by the young people, the eldest of who are now in the 2nd year at secondary school, year 8 and the youngest in the infants.  They were dressed in costume but instead of acting out the drama, they called for participation from our congregation, who were each given appropriate puppets to represent Mary, Joseph and the donkey, the angels, the shepherds and the kings.  The young people then read the appropriate readings to accompany each stage of the nativity story and the scene filled up with members of our congregation.  It felt inclusive and that we were and are a part of that story.  Our minister Trevor told a story about bells and again involved us all as the bells.  He described 4 bells, if I remember it correctly one silver, one gold and one blue with a 4th one whose colour I have forgotten.  The church was divided into 3 to play 3 of the bells and we were each given a note and Trevor pointed at us to sing the notes as in a peel of bells, which was very affective.  He told us how by the time they came to the 4th bell they could not afford to put a clapper in so it could not chime like the other bells.  He felt as though he was deprived not being able to chime and prayed to be able to make a sound, but he did not get his request.  Instead he was reminded about the importance of his silent contribution; it gave people time to reflect on God and be quiet.  We are often overwhelmed by the sounds around us competing for our attention and welcome respite to tune into God’s presence and receive his peace.  In the turmoil of all the preparations and celebrations we can often forget what Christmas is really about and celebrate Emmanuel God with us in Jesus.

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2 Responses to Sunday December 16th Nativity at Wesley Chapel

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    John 1:14 is my favourite verse in the Bible

  2. helenbeech says:

    I am glad you feel the same about that verse as I do. It still moves me each time I say those words as He is the most amazing gift that God has given to us!

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