CPR is such a responsibility

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week at work, but not made as much progress as I had hoped as we had a practice meeting on Tuesday afternoon and a training session on Thursday afternoon.  The training session brought us more up to date with CPR training; the tutor was excellent and gave us hands on experience.  I was really hot after having a go at the CPR; in fact our admin room had become extremely warm; we practiced in 3 groups.  I do know what to do, but I am terrified that one day, I may have to put my training into practice; it is such a responsibility if someone’s life were in my hands.  It is exhausting too, so I expect that we could manage at work if someone collapsed, each of us taking turns and giving instructions to each other.  I think it is very good that more defibrillators are being made available in public places as it could make the difference between life and death for someone having a cardiac arrest, but I must admit I would hope there were someone more competent than me to administer it.  I do realise that if I collapsed with a cardiac arrest and there was no one around my chance of survival would be far less, than if someone were there to try CPR, so I will try to commit the procedure to memory; as Dad would have said; ‘Be prepared!’

The practice nurse said that she was terrified of being called on to practice CPR, especially as so much more is expected of her as a qualified clinical practitioner. She told me that she was on a flight when it was asked if there was a nurse on board.  Reluctantly she went forward only to find to her relief that there were 2 other nurses on board, so she wasn’t needed.

My GP brother Selwyn was on a flight with his wife when they asked if there was a doctor on board. Selwyn’s wife Janet said there was and Selwyn dutifully went forward to help.  He had to put a catheter on a patient who was suffering from extreme urine retention; suffice it to say he was able to do that and all went well!  He was even given a box of chocolates and champagne by the airline as a thank you!  One of the doctor’s at our practice who recently retired said that she would never attempt such a thing for fear of being sued!  That I can understand especially after doing the CPR training; it is very scary to have to try and save a life!  What would happen if something went wrong?  I just hope I am never put in that position or if I am that my common sense comes to the fore and I just do my best!

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2 Responses to CPR is such a responsibility

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    The champagne I remember, not so sure about the chocs! Yes, I have had to go to regular CPR sessions as well. I don’t think there is much to be scared of doing, really – it’s pretty straightforward – and now there is less emphasis on ‘mouth-to-mouth’. Over 30 years ago I was called to a local market to a man who had collapsed. I did – CPR – it worked quite well – the pupils came back to normal, but I fear he did not survive after getting to hospital (I rode in the Ambulance with him – continuing the CPR)

  2. helenbeech says:

    You are an example to us all. At least you tried to help that man. I would try to help but would feel so inadequate were I to attempt to save a life, athough my life was saved a few years ago by a student at the Acorn Centre, when I nearly choked on a piece of tomato.

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