Talking Spaces counselling services are invaluable

The students were back at the Acorn Centre for the computer course on Friday but we now have one longer session from 11-2 pm, instead of 2 courses, 11-1pm and 1-3pm. That is better as our students have challenges of mental health issues and can only study if they are up to it, so it is difficult to keep 2 courses going but more realistic to have the one extended session.  It was good to see my friends again.

On Tuesday I had a surprise text from my former colleague and friend Christine saying she would be free to see me the next day my day off if it was convenient and it was great to catch up with her news and share my news of my family and work with the new computer system and staff we work with.

On Wednesday morning I completed the sessions of therapy with my Talking Spaces’ counsellor, as I realised she had shown me great strategies to cope with my emotional problems.  I now realise that I am not perfect but I am good enough. I realised that I did not do too bad a job bringing my two lovely daughters up to be caring and sensible individuals.  I no longer feel responsible for how my beloved was feeling being somehow my fault!  If or rather when I make mistakes, I am able to laugh at myself more and realise it is not the end of the world!  Also I remember my beloved saying he could not live with a perfect person, but that I am perfect for him!  I feel more loved and accepted by my beloved who is always assuring me how much he loves me and hugging me and holding me.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so much love and care!  An example of my being scatty happened on Wednesday to show you something of what I mean: I was preparing 2 apple cakes in 2 bowls to use up the remaining few apples from our trees, but I was listening intently to the radio at the same time.  I measured out the correct amount of ingredients actually adding an extra egg as I could not remember if I had put 2 eggs in each bowl of mixture!  Suddenly I realised that one bowl appeared rather full, whereas the other only had margarine, sugar and egg!! I laughed and just put all the mixture into one bowl and added the apples, then I divided the mixture between 2 cake tins!  Apparently the cake was as good as usual, according to the students and staff at the Acorn Centre!!

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