Snow replaces the rain!

Hello everyone!  Winter has come this week with a vengeance, although it was nothing compared to 1963, which we were reminded of last night.  I remember that winter of 1962/1963 very well as that was the year both I and my younger sister Fran got roller skates for Christmas and it snowed on Boxing Day and the snow stayed until March, so that we had to roller skate round the house for months!!  I was astonished at the depth of the snow on the program about 1963 as I have no memory of the depth of the snow or the traffic chaos.  However my father did not enjoy watching the news so maybe that was not emphasised at home. Television was rationed then as I was only 10 and Fran was only 7/8 during that winter.

This week I was relieved that I was able to get to work and home relatively easily as the roads have been for the main part kept clear, except of course the side roads.  Also the worst of the snow did not come until Friday evening, which worried me as my sister Janet and her husband Graham were driving over from Killinghall, but sensibly kept to the main roads and parked on the road next to ours, as it was clearer.   We had a lovely evening and they were both very complimentary on the meal; a delicious chicken casserole with roast potatoes and vegetables followed by an apple sponge and custard; I thought we needed a hot pudding as it was minus 4 degrees centigrade that evening apparently.  It was lovely to be cosy together indoors as it was so cold.

Every time Beth has moved house in the last few years and begun to live in her new home, the weather has taken a turn for the worst, being really cold!!  When she moved to Starbeck the water from her hot tap froze and she huddled close to the one fire in her home!!  When she moved to Knaresborough the boiler broke down in another very cold winter and the snow meant that she could not get her car out of the drive on at least one occasion.  And now when she only moved at the beginning of December this cold spell has come and the boiler went out when the gas on the card ran out; it took her quite a while to re-light the boiler again after she had put more money on the card.  It will be so much better when she can get the system changed, hopefully soon after the beginning of February; then her gas and electric will be cheaper.

We were relieved on Friday that the snow had not come till later, as the tutor at the Acorn Centre is a farmer and she was concerned about the snow coming and getting home, as her farm is in the countryside near West Tanfield and she had difficulty getting out of her farm on Friday morning. 

On Saturday I enjoyed a pedicure and free manicure; it was very relaxing; a real treat.  Beth came to stay last night as a wardrobe was on her bed, as she is having her central heating replaced and a new boiler fitted and yesterday discovered that she would new pipes fitted as the pipes are still the originals from the time it was built in the 1970s.  She should be able to use her bed tonight.   The gas engineer is fully booked this week; he has been very busy with heating repairs recently needed in this cold weather.  Next weekend he will hopefully continue to fit it, after ordering the new pipes this week.  It has been a good week too at work, although I still have a backlog to catch up with; I have been enjoying time with my beloved, my sister and her husband and my daughter; a very full week.

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2 Responses to Snow replaces the rain!

  1. Selwyn Goodacre says:

    yes, I remember the winter of 1963 – I built a snowman in the garden of the hall of residence where I was living,I remember the Warden Bob Turnbull saying he was sick of seeing it as it stayed there unmelted till March. I qualified that year – all of 50 years ago!

  2. helenbeech says:

    You ought to mark your 50th anniversary; a milestone and you still do locum work! Congratulations!

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