Enjoying being with my family

Hello everyone!  I have had another busy week and this Saturday February 16th we are relaxing together with a bottle of Pinot Grigio – Campanula.  We have enjoyed watching ‘Swinging into the Blitz: a Culture Show Special’ on BBC 2 this evening together, followed by the great Jazz singer Betty Carter (recorded before on a tape); both of which we put on DVD, so we can enjoy them again later!  It is always good to relax with my beloved.

I had a busy week at work, seeming at times to make little real progress; I don’t seem to reduce the pile waiting to be done.

On Tuesday evening I went to the Fairtrade Group meeting where we made final preparations for our Fairtrade Group coffee day just before the start of Fairtrade Fortnight on February 23rd.  On Wednesday lunchtime my two lovely daughters Cathy and Beth came over and we went out for a snack lunch at Café Culture; my beloved felt unable to join us as he finds it difficult to feel comfortable eating a meal there, although he enjoys a drink and a cake or bun there.  I enjoyed spending time with my daughters at the café before we returned to join my beloved.  It was lovely to spend some time with my daughters before Cathy returned to work.

On Friday we had a number of students doing the computer course and they enjoyed the apple fruit cake and other treats I had brought in as it was just before the half term break in the next week.  All in all it has been a lovely week.

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