A week enjoying being with my family

Now we are in March we are all working hard to get our work up to date before the deadline at the end of the month.  On Tuesday evening I was home by 6pm as I had to go to the Local Preachers meeting, which was in Hampsthwaite.  Unfortunately I had forgotten that the council were closing part of the Leeds road for resurfacing, so I was delayed because I found myself stuck and unable to turn right to get free!  I picked my passenger, Rosemary, up late and arrived at Hampsthwaite just in time, although I still felt rather stressed!  The meeting went on late to about 10pm so I felt exhausted as I had had a long day at work. 

On Wednesday it was great to meet up with Cathy who was home for a week or so.  Bless her; she walked with me to my dentist, whilst I had a broken tooth treated.  The dentist blamed me for the decay of the tooth and my gums being inflamed, so I felt rather upset, especially when she challenged me about eating a lot of sweet things, making me feel guilty.  However I do try and eat sensibly eating salad at least once a day, fruit regularly and my beloved cooks me delicious healthy meals with vegetables; only treating myself to cakes and sweets at the weekend.  I bought myself a new appliance to make flossing easier.  I am trying to chew sugar free gum more and floss each evening to keep my teeth better, although my beloved reminded me that my gums could be affected as I am feeling more tired and a little below par. After returning with Cathy we relaxed and watched the DVD of ‘Rio’ which was great I was tired.

I had a busy day on Thursday at work again. On Friday I was at the Acorn Centre helping some students with the computer and, even though I enjoy doing that, I was glad to get home and relax, as my energy is low at the moment; probably because I seem to have been fighting some low level illness.  On Saturday morning I drove to my chapel and took a couple of cakes, I had made on Friday for the coffee morning, before returning home and going over to my former chapel for another fund raising coffee morning; it was good to have a chance to catch up with my friends.  Once again I was glad to relax with my beloved for the rest of the day.

On Sunday as it was Mothering Sunday I got a bunch of daffodils from church from the children.  I set up the Traidcraft Stall and sold one or two items, before taking my friend, Molly, home and arriving home just in time for Cathy’s arrival.  We walked to get some needed milk and then had a drink as we waited for Beth to finish her shift at Sainsbury’s, so we could go out to lunch.  As my beloved was feeling exhausted and had little appetite, it was just the girls and I who went out for lunch.  Beth had bought me a lovely cushion, which fits nicely into the small of my back and has a love inscribed on it with a card with a little and large owl on it, saying ‘Thanks Mum for always being there’; both gorgeous.  Cathy gave me a card with a photo taken of us on my 60th birthday last year inscribed with the text of ‘Tea for two and two for tea!’ and a fridge magnet explaining that mothers are like buttons, they hold things together!  Then Cathy took us out for lunch at the Coach and Horses pub, which was great as children are banned and at present we have no small children!!  I had roast chicken and all the trimmings with vegetables and roast potatoes, which was very good followed by a treat of bread and butter pudding, accompanied by a glass of white wine, as Beth was driving us; a perfect celebration with my special daughters of whom I am so proud.  We returned home for a drink and spent time with my beloved, before Beth, bless her, was able to go home to bed, after being up from 3.30 that morning; a baker’s job is not an easy one!  It was a really good week spending time with my lovely family, and recognising the need for me to rest more!

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