Friends enrich our lives

Before Cathy left to return to work on Wednesday 3rd March, she had invited me, Beth and Ken’s Mum, Margaret to come with her to look at wedding dresses. It was fascinating to see her try them on and even more surprisingly she even chose her dress!!  All I will say is that she will look gorgeous and Ken will be proud of her!

At work last week I was busy again but seem to have made progress on summarising new patient notes, but still have a large backlog of coding to do, even though I have begun to tackle it, so hopefully I will soon catch up, especially as I will have the help of Matt home from university doing the scanning.

On Wednesday I had a slow start to the day and did the week’s shopping at Waitrose with the 10% off until April 21st with an extra bonus card, instead the usual My Waitrose card.  They are a good company as they reward their loyal customers; a bottle of wine last Christmas, vouchers off shopping with their regular offers and wonderful customer service.  The points you gain on their credit card mount up and last week we ordered and paid for a food mixer, John Lewis’s own brand, which we collected in store on Friday, using mostly saved up vouchers and only having to add £39 to purchase price.  We have already had a go at using it; I did it under my beloved’s supervision as he is more savvy than I am with reading and absorbing instructions; I can just leap in and try the machine before I have understood the instructions!  It took a few minutes for my carrotsto be grated beautifully by the machine, instead the labour intensive grating of carrots I used to do twice weekly in preparation for my salads!

On Wednesday we went over to see my friend Pamela for lunch and a catch up chatter.  It was a lovely change although it went quickly; the homemade soup, cakes and fruit salad were delicious; she has settled well into being a full time homemaker now she has retired from her part time job. She is far from idle as she is the carer for her one year old grandson whilst her daughter works for 3 days a week; Anna’s husband drops him off at his nana’s on the way to work.  The boy is just at an easy age walking and contented, but she expects he could change when he reaches the terrible 2s, as his cousin Pamela’s granddaughter already has!!  Pamela’s husband was just on his way back from Nigeria where he a retired paediatrician and two nurses had been training staff in Nigeria in how to resuscitate newborn babies who have difficulty breathing to prevent more early deaths of babies.  Dr David Cundall is the co-ordinator of the Nigerian Healthcare project supported by the Guilds of the Methodist Church.

I had an unexpected day off on Friday as the computer tutor was ill; it was good to relax with my beloved at home, although I had bought some things to remind the students of the Red Nose charity appeal and have some fun.  I was very impressed by the way they helped those in this country and in Africa towards a better life.  It was a fun evening of entertainment for all but with a very worthy cause as its purpose. 

On Saturday morning I went with my friend Joan for a drink at Café Culture, but we resisted the cakes, as it was just after breakfast.  We had a lovely chat. I find her an inspiration as she copes with her widowhood; she does not just stay at home and feel lonely, but she is incredibly outgoing. She is always inviting me to events at her church Trinity Methodist Church which I have found enjoyable, but when she suggested going to see the King’s Speech, I declined as I am so tired in the evenings at the moment; and we already have the DVD which we think is excellent. Instead I suggested we went to Café Culture and she was pleased to do that.  I hope I will soon be able to cope with an odd evening out better! 

I had a very enjoyable week with family and friends.  I am very blessed.

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