Easter Week

Life settles down now that we have passed the dreaded deadline of the end of March at work, so I can now get up to date, especially as the doctors are telling me which letters need to be read and coded so the backlog is no longer growing as fast as I am clearing it.  That week after Easter too had brought us sunshine, bright, crisp and cold with frost each morning; it is so good to see the blue sky and sunshine, a treat we have to treasure, before rain or snow returns.  Even the brave crocuses are looking better on the Stray, although not the usual display and on the way to work I even noticed that the daffodils were beginning to open and grace us with their bright beauty.  We long for the spring flowers to delight us fully and the gardens to come back to life, albeit somewhat later than usual.  I had hoped to see Cathy on Wednesday but she was flat out with a flu-like illness or was it the aftermath of the Hen weekend she spent with her friend Christina at Chester which made her collapse worse?  She was of course very  tired after her last stint at work when she returned on Thursday 28th March only to set off on her jaunt the following day.  I popped in to see her, wonderfully cared for by her adoring fiancé Ken and took her some goodies and left her to rest.

On Friday we had the last session of the last term of the computer at the Acorn Centre, so I took some cake for us to celebrate Easter together.  We will begin the course again in May as our tutor, Kath is a farmer’s wife and in the middle of lambing; unfortunately they have lost a number of lambs who have succumbed to the extreme cold, very sad.  She never has time to stop in her busy life as a tenant farmer but she is very generous to the Acorn Centre as she gives us her free range delicious eggs to sell for the Centre; she gives me some free too as I help her.

On Wednesday I baked a couple of apple cakes for the coffee morning at our chapel on Saturday morning and made some caramel shortbread, which was more gooey and collapsed than usual, but apparently tasted great!  One customer even bought some to take home!  I helped for a couple of hours manning the stalls outside; it was freezing each time the sun hid behind the clouds, but a lovely suntrap at times too.  I like working on stalls, even in the cold, as I find it more stressful doing the drinks!  I hope it helped us raise some more money for our development at church. 

On Friday my poor beloved who had a tooth which was getting more and more painful managed to get an urgent appointment at the dentist and the offending tooth was removed and he is now on antibiotics to heal the gum infection which is proving more challenging to clear.  I am so glad he was able to be seen so quickly.  I have been preparing him easy meals for him to eat such as scrambled egg, custard and porridge, not all at the same time, you understand!  He felt energised enough to prepare some delicious chicken curry for Sunday; delicious and easier for him to eat!  I hope his mouth will soon return to normal.  I have enjoyed the varied week with my family and friends.  I am very blessed.

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