Family time is the best

Hello everyone!  Our secretary was on holiday from April 8th so we had a cover secretary on Monday and Tuesday, which meant I could do some of my own work.  Fortunately too I only had one letter to type as the doctors tend to save the letters for our secretary’s return!!

I had a lovely time with Cathy my younger daughter, when she came shopping with me on Wednesday and she chose some outfits for me to try, which I had not spotted; it was fun.  I managed to find a dress for my niece’s wedding in July and a skirt and top, which I also decided to treat myself to me and I bought a pair of shoes to complement the outfit.  It was extravagant as I don’t usually buy clothes; it is good to have a new outfit for the wedding.   My beloved used to be brilliant at helping me choose clothes, when he was well enough.  I was glad to have Friday to relax as there is no computer course until May, so I could spend some time with my beloved, as I was going out for the day on Saturday with my daughters.

Beth drove us so Cathy and I could enjoy the journey.  The SatNav ap on Beth’s phone proved effective in taking us to my niece’s house in Walton-le-Dale, although it seemed to take us out of our way a long way on the motorway.  It was lovely to see my sister Fran there with Matthew my nephew at Kate’s house.  Kate was trying to settle Jackson down as he was getting overtired, but she had to give up as he heard the voices and did not want to miss out on all the excitement!  He is a very good natured, social baby and was happy to go to each of us and he loves to feel his feet.  Kate seems a natural mother and my sister Fran is a doting granny!!  Cathy and Beth thought he was lovely too.  It was good to meet Harry her partner properly.  They are in the process of doing the house up; it is a spacious semi-detached house with a garden.  They had got their bedroom and their sitting room as they wanted, and they were in the process of doing Jackson’s bedroom, but the garden would have to wait.  Fortunately Kate’s partner, Harry, was practical and together with his father was able to do a lot of the alterations to the house.  Fran had a lovely house with 2 bedrooms and a great extension at the back.  Before Kate and Harry got their own house they lived with Fran and Harry helped Fran do a few things to her house.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone.  We went out for a meal at a pub and the meal was very good and there was a reasonable selection for Beth, as she has to have gluten free food.  We roared with laughter which was great and I was grateful that Beth drove us.  We returned home the usual route, which was better, especially for Cathy, as she spotted a Ski Shop en route with a sale on; why you might ask; well she was looking for a white ski outfit for her wedding on the ski slope, and yes she did find and buy the outfit there.  The proprietors were so helpful and believe it or not the whole transaction took about 20 minutes and neither Beth nor I had even noticed the shop!!

It was a lovely week with my family.

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