A time of mixed blessings for our family and the joy of friends

Last week at work I was glad our secretary had returned from holiday as that took the pressure of me.  Though now that Matt had returned to university I had most of the scanning to do; now I take a leaf out of Matt’s book, and scan sets of letters before they have been seen by the doctors.  I did summarise a few new patient notes and began to catch up with the waiting coding. 

On Wednesday I did not lie in bed later as I usually do on my day off as we were expecting the Virgin Media engineer to come and connect the new combined router and modem, which has certainly speeded up our internet access. As I was up in such good time I was able to make some caramel shortbreads and prepare a couple of apple fruit cakes, one normal and the other gluten free for a coffee morning at church in aid of Methodist Homes for the Age. I felt very virtuous!! Of course the engineer arrived after 11 when my beloved had got up and dressed, so I was able to go shopping.  On my return from Waitrose I found Beth had arrived to join us for lunch.  We enjoyed smoked haddock with jacket potatoes and grated cheese. It was good to see Beth, although she was still concerned by the health of one of her cats, who had had her tail bitten by a feral cat.  Beth had done her best to treat it herself but realised she would have to take Jess to the vets; being glad that Jess was insured.  The tail had gained 3 abscesses and she needed a general anaesthetic to have the process of draining of the abscesses started; Jess had to have a collar on to prevent her interfering with the drain.  Beth took her back on Friday for the drain to be removed before work.  She also had an appointment for the dentist as she had bad toothache, but unfortunately the dentist had difficulty removing the tooth and had to cut her gum, but still could not remove the final piece of bone!  Poor Beth is now on antibiotics and has an urgent referral to the hospital!  It has not been her week!  She could not make it into work that afternoon but was determined to go in the next day!

I had a lovely relaxing start on Friday and enjoyed the time relaxing with my beloved and we even went to view possible summerhouses.  However fortunately my beloved reads the small print and realised we might not be able to have one of those we viewed as the company would construct it and treat it as it did say they might just deliver the greenhouse and not erect if they considered there was a problem with access to the property.  That set off warning bells in his mind as it is difficult to access our back garden and my beloved could just imagine them leaving it at the front and us having to get it to the back and get someone to erect it!!  I felt weepy as I was so longing to get a summerhouse, but my beloved was so sweet and encouraging.  We are now considering ordering one from Homebase and getting Cathy’s fiancé Ken to prepare the base and erect it with his partner at work.  We still have to decide which one we would like so we can decide on the size of the base needed for the summerhouse, it must be prepared before the summerhouse can be erected, but I no longer feel as hopeless as I did as my beloved has been so encouraging.

On Saturday morning I drove to town with my baked cakes and caramel shortbreads to deliver them at the beginning of the coffee morning for M.H.A. and buy a few items from Waitrose and returned just in time to go for coffee at Café Culture with my friend Joan.  She generously treated me the drink and cake.  We had a lovely chat and laughed together about all sorts of things. She is amazingly full of confidence and gives me so much encouragement, although she is coping with losing her husband of more than 40 years last year.  She is becoming a good friend.   I had a lovely week again with family and friends; I am so fortunate.

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